The seduction of a man  

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12/23/2005 9:43 pm

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The seduction of a man

It starts with a sensuous email. A hint of what is to come (cum). Then a slightly naughty picture that wets his appetite. The flirtations continue, escalating the desire. I let him know how much I want him. What I'm going to do to him.

The time comes. We meet. My eyes are glued to his as he talks. I laugh at his jokes. I flirt my intentions. I let him know I am ready. We escape to our planned destination. The door closes. I turn to him and smile.

He wears a white button down shirt. Black trousers. I come up to him and kiss his lips. A nice getting acquainted type of kiss which turns passionate. I slowly unbutton his shirt and kiss his chest as I make my way down to his belly button.

The shirt comes off and I move behind him. Kissing his neck, his back. Taking my time. I rub my breasts against his skin. I enjoy the sensation of our skin touching. When I take off his pants, I know his erection is hard. I know it is wanting to be touched. It is wanting to be kissed.

I plant soft kisses and licks on his belly button, down to his thighs. I spread his legs and blow my hot breath on his balls. My tongue softly touches them. Softly and slowly makes its way up the shaft. I inspect how much his head is lubricated. It turns me on to see it so juicy. My tongue makes its way up and down his shaft growing ever firmer. He senses I will soon take him in my mouth.

I love to watch his dick jump. I want to watch him rise to the occasion. I lick the head just to watch his dick dance. It is like a toy to me and I am the wide eyed, mischievous child. When I finally get his cock in my mouth, he moans. I don't suck it right away. I still tease with open mouth and tongue just on the head. I swirl the precum juice with my tongue, tasting him.

It is now that I suck him in my mouth as far as I'm able. He is like a pop-sickle and I can't get enough. Up and down, slow and fast. I want to hear him moan. I want to hear his breath catch. I want to bring him to the edge of orgasm.

When he is lubed up, I'll slide his dick between my tits. I love how his head pops out between my tits and then retreats. I love watching it.

When he finally penetrates me, I am in heaven. The more he rubs my clit, the more my cunt will dance on his dick. The more powerfully I'll squeeze him. The harder he'll pound me. Each thrust, each rub, each kiss, further escalating us towards orgasm until I feel his rapid pelvic thrusts. His dick squirts inside of me. This is my reward. Mutual orgasm.

The seduction doesn't end there. Now I am in his thoughts. I have left an impression. I will be back . . .

mm6342 53M
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12/23/2005 10:57 pm

I would wait for you

(Juan S)
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12/23/2005 11:13 pm

um... works for me...LOL. Nice post

pleasingorally69 64M
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12/28/2005 1:46 pm

Great Post and oh I would surely wait Hope you have a Happy New Year

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