Gone to Heaven  

2playfulandhorny 52F
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11/22/2005 7:11 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Gone to Heaven

I've only been on this site since Nov 12th. I've received almost as many views on this site as it took me to get on a "tame" dating site in the past 2 years! It is exciting and a little bit overwhelming.

I've been with the same guy for the past 17 years and the prospect of meeting a great number of fellas is awesome! There is just something about a guy--the touch of his skin, his smell, his low voice, his strong chest, his welcoming arms, and the feel of us writhing together. sigh.

I love dicks! I love them inside me, between my tits, rubbing up against me, in my mouth! God knew what he was doing when he made them. They fit perfectly inside me or in my hand. They juice up so quickly. (I don't know why I find that so sexy.) And then when they give that little jump--Wow! The harder they get, the more I want to play and see how much more I can get them to jump. How much more I can make my man moan. (I'm getting wet just thinking about it)

Gals, I have a question for you? Those of you who are more experienced on this site, how do you determine who is safe to meet/fuck? Anyone have suggestions on how to determine who you can trust and who you can't?

Guys, with so few gals on this site, I can tell you that I don't have time to look at profiles without some sort of picture. I have to be honest and say that I can't fuck someone I don't find at least a little bit attractive. Women need chemistry too. Some women go for blonds, some for red heads, etc. I personally like a guy with dark hair. Mel Gibson over Brad Pitt any day, if you will.

Another comment to the guys: when you email a gal with "hi" that is the equivalent of a limp dick. Is that what you want her to think of you? I pick guys that have something more to say, that are charming. One man is building me a dressing room (for my fantasy)--thanks Peter ; ). Women need to know that you have their interests in mind--we've had plenty of "wham bam, thank you maam's" and if you are only going to make the effort to say "hi", what effort are you going to make in bed?

Obviously these are just my personal suggestions. Thanks for reading!

methodman1000 40M
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11/22/2005 8:41 am

welcum to blogland,may your fantasies cum true..................

amb_lily 40F

11/22/2005 3:02 pm

2playful...I was a member awhile back ago for a couple years, the one thing I've found is the guys that are "real" so to speak, don't mind chatting with you for awhile before meeting...what I've found is the guys that get pissed off when you want to chat a few times and not meet immediatly aren't or weren't worth my time. But thats just my experience.

Good luck in your search

2playfulandhorny 52F

11/22/2005 7:14 pm

Thanks! That sounds like a good observation.

onefastmouse 52M

11/22/2005 10:37 pm

Hey amb_lily I find your observation puzzling but I've only been a member a short time. the few women that I've contacted or that have contacted me have wanted to meet right away. go figure??? oh well... I have no problem chatting with someone for a while first, just trying to make some sort of a mental connection with anyone can happen alomst instantly and sometimes takes more time. To each their own I guess.

rm_Texture612 55M
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11/28/2005 11:11 am

Welcome to the site.

Akadafa was steering you in the correct direction regarding paid members. A silver or gold designation describes someone who's serious about play.

I hope our paths cross again.

MrHeboy 51M

11/29/2005 5:51 pm

Hey 2playful, hope you find what you like here (i.e. a nice dick attached to a thoughtful lover).

MrHeboy 51M

12/7/2005 7:26 am

Any success so far?

2playfulandhorny 52F

12/8/2005 10:32 am

I guess that depends on what you consider success ; )
I love your "nice dick attached to a thoughtful lover" line. Yes, that is indeed what I'm looking for.

MrHeboy 51M

12/13/2005 9:11 pm

>>I love your "nice dick attached to a thoughtful lover" line. Yes, that is indeed what I'm looking for.>>

Well, do I win a prize?

2playfulandhorny 52F

12/15/2005 10:15 am

Too funny MrHeboy! I can only imagine what kind of prize you are looking for! LOL

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