Southern Hospitality  

2ofusfor3 53M/48F
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7/11/2005 12:07 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Southern Hospitality

New to Louisiana... I'm wondering what does "Southern Hospitality" really mean. I'm so bored and lonely, kinda feel out of place. It's very different than California.

Lapkin4u 42F

7/11/2005 1:45 pm

Southern Hospitality refers to the way you are treated in the south. People are alot more friendly, and will wave when you drive by. Say hello, just to say hello. Help you in a moments notice when you need it. I just returned from North Carolina and I loved the southern hospitality there, people are so nice to you......I live in the northern states and people are definately not that friendly here, I try to be so it was quite refreshing to see someone else go out of there way to make sure I had a good day. Good Luck to you!

rm_4nik8_4u 61M
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7/11/2005 2:15 pm

There is no "meaning", it's a way of doing things. Like being poor but still inviting your visitor to stay for supper, or helping someone out without expecting anything in return, welcoming strangers to your town and helping them get settled and introducing them to your friends to make them feel more at home. Treat people like they are friends you just haven't met yet. It is not as prevalent as it used to be, I guess due to so many people relocating.

rm_venture12002 62M
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7/11/2005 3:54 pm

I'm on the opposite side.I'm from the south, but living on west coast for about 14 years now.It's totally different.Here strangers don't speak.Where you're at if you don't say hello to people you pass they will think you're stuck up or a yankey.Most folks in the south are very friendly and open with strangers, just give it time and speak up.You might find you like it.I miss it a great deal.Good luck too you.

2ofusfor3 53M/48F

7/12/2005 10:05 am

Thanks for your insight. I'm going to be honest about what I'm really feeling here: I am not comfortable with the lack of interaction between black and white. I am a minority here and feel left out of the beautiful rhythm and sexuality that seems to ooze from the black people. I have always wished for the day when all people were beige...

Jerosd 47M

7/14/2005 2:28 am

Well...don't know about southern hospitality but i hope u have fun there

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