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I'm not a pot head or into the drug scene at all. But growing up with a hippie mom has had its affect. Mom's cure-all was marijuana... it was the cure for a headache, stress, pms, stress, stomach ache, stress, and did i metion stress? She could actually function while high. Not me. I become almost useless. My limbs weigh too much for me to want to move and I feel sorta like mello jello. I usually keep a tiny bit handy for when PMS takes over. I have never encountered anything so effective. I could be a raging bitch and just like that, mello jello.

A friend stopped by and gave me a bud... nothing much. It was quality stuff and I put it away for future use. Not many days later, I was a mess. Work issues, kids' homework problems, and I had house guests that over-stayed their welcome. I wasn't in a great mood and I really should have been. I was going to be with my man that night.

When Sean showed up, I bit his head off, chewed on it until my jaw hurt, and spit it back at him. He didn't deserve any of it. Cool thing was he let me act irrational and didn't get offended at all. I was so sorry. We sat in my bedroom (only place I have that's private these days) and I told him about my day. Man, I had a blasted headache from hell! Sean said he was going down to mix a drink and I was to just rest for a bit. While he was gone, I remembered the bud and decided it was a perfect scenario for it. So when he came back up, I was pretty much a limp noodle.

I was laying there unable to move... eyes closed... feet slightly apart... arms at my sides. I was floating. I was wearing a little sun dress and white sandals that I couldn't take off right then even if I wanted to. My senses, except for sight, were working double time. Just the air touching my skin made my labido wake up. I could feel the breeze between my thighs when Sean came back and closed the door. Oh gawd, did I have any clothes on? I couldn't tell and didn't want to look. He sat on the bed next to my feet. I could feel his body heat and it made my pussy pulse. He didn't say a word as he unbuckled the sandals and took them off my feet. Everywhere he touched me sent jolts straight to my labido making me moan.

Sean leaned back so he was laying on his side next to me... his head even with my thighs. As he ran a hand from my ankle to my knee, he slightly pulled my leg towards him. My foot touched his crotch to find he was already sport'n a woody. I was in a world all my own living off of my sense of touch. My hips kept moving slightly, yearning for attention. Sean kissed my upper leg and let his breath travel to my pussy. Oh GAWD! I kept saying "Please, please..." because that is what my pussy was saying. Sean backed off and let my body yearn a little... nerves straining for movement or warmth... wanting.... needing. "Please, please..." Ahhhhhhhhh, he gently pushes my knees apart and lies between them. his kisses on my thighs make my hips buck. He trails a finger on my underwear straight up my crack.
"Your wet."
"I love your smell."
"Please, please...."
"Please what?"
"Please don't stop touching me."

So Sean teases me by pulling my underwear but not enough that they actually move. When the fabric leaves my skin and air hits it, my pussy gets wetter, my need stronger. finally, he removes them. MMMMMMmmmmm... His mouth is hovering over my mound and I feel the warmth of his breath. He slowly pulls my lips apart and the wetness turns cold from the air. He kisses the surrounding area making me want to scream. And then his tongue's first contact with my wet pussy sent a charge through my whole body! "Fuck!" He knows that I like to feel his breath every now and then so he licks and then says "Woof"... lick, woof, lick, woof, lick, woof. Every time he says woof, my pussy zings. I'm so wet and oh so horny. He puts a finger inside me as he licks and I feel the wave building. He puts another finger on the rim of my asshole as he assaults my clit with his mouth and tongue. Here I go.... here I go.... oh my gawd.... SEAN! My back arches and I'm stuck in this pistion until the wave comes crashing down into convulsions! Sean jumps up and rams his rock hard cock into my pulsing pussy! Oh yes, here I go again. CRASH! just as Sean blows into me... ahhhhhhh, I feel SO MUCH BETTER!

We lay there, spooned and spent, falling into a nap with smiles on our faces. I'm so glad for everything!

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6/11/2005 8:18 am

well, good story i want don't stop a touch you woman.

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