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8/3/2005 5:59 pm

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HerDragonSlayer is a 42 year old man who has fallen from his perch. His blog is full of honesty and amazement at how different the view is from where he stands now. I applaud his efforts and am amazed at his courage in sharing his life with anyone who happens to read his blog. I know it takes courage to share your story, but it might help others ... in that there is relief from guilt.

To HerDragonSlayer, write on!

artistforexploit 60M

8/4/2005 4:05 am

I should suspect that he is experiencing great relief from his last blog, poor fellow...I am sure we all have been there done that....

grizzguy4u 57M

8/5/2005 2:08 pm

is this yur dragonslayer??

2ofusfor3 53M/48F

8/5/2005 7:12 pm

Yes, but I am no dragon. The dragons are people and memories.

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