she thinks she fools me  

2mchfn1970 46M/46F
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3/17/2006 6:37 am
she thinks she fools me

once again, here we are hanging out watching tv.we all know what is going to happen later. the same as all the other times, i give either him or her the nod to make the first move and it all begins there.she wants me to think she is with him because i like to see her have sex with other guys but she is hooked. she tries to play the well if you want to crap but i know better. ever since her first time with him she has learned to enjoy him more and more.aside from the fact that she will willingly tease him verbally and show him her new nighties the dead givaway is something that she does while having i can make her squirt, usually by hand and only after that can i get her to squirt by penetration, but not him. she will suck his cock and once he enters her it only takes seconds and she is shooting her cum all over the bed. i have mixed emotions about it but the bottom line is that she is enjoying it.if he were not my best friend i might be a little more jealous about it but next time i think i go first!

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