she didnt have a clue(fantasy)  

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3/14/2006 10:11 am

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she didnt have a clue(fantasy)

just another night out for dinner with her girlfriends but it was to be much more than that. he said hi to her at the salad bar and she responded in kind. as she sat back down her friends started to kid her about the hot black guy that she was talking to. as she starts to blush she just blows it off and starts to laugh. she is definitely the belle of the ball in comparison to the group she is with and they all assume she is a good girl. they have known her for years and have no reason to think otherwise.
as she turns the corner to go to the ladies room there he is again and this time he asks her if she is alone, she says no i'm with friends. he says that that is a shame , that he is alone and would like her to join him. once again she blushes and says politely no.
after dinner they all stand outside talking for awhile and as pull away and she goes to her minivan he is there once again. she is a bit taken aback when he says ive been watching u all night and i have to have u! as she gets in he pushes her through the front seat and into the empty back of the van. she tries to push him off but she cant.
at this point a strange feeling comes over her that she has never felt before,it is fear, and lust all balled into one. she has fantasized about being ravaged by a man before but had never belived it would happen. her fear still palpable she lets up her resistance and tells him not to hurt her. he said that he is only here to please her and that she will not regret this night. as he says this he runs a hand up her skirt to the crotch of her pantyhose and he can feel her wetness.scared as she is she is hot, she has always loved an aggressive man. he kisses her and she kisses back.he undoes his pants and at that point she can feel it,this huge thing pressing against her. he holds her arms over her head with one arm as he continues to kiss her. he finds the top of her pantyhose and runs his hand down to her now wet pussy and pushes a hole through the crotch. she gasps when they rip and she now notices her npples are as hard as they have ever been.he unbuttons her blouse and starts to lick and kiss her nipplesand she is so into this she hadn't noticed that he has spread her legs with his and she is now gaped he kisses her he thrust wikedly into her pussy and she screams out in ecstacy.the second push takes him balls deep and he releases her arms and he puts his arms under her legs and pushes them up and out.he starts to pounding like she has never been before. she finds herself grabbing his ass and pulling him as deep as he can go. she gets the feeling that he is bigger than anything she has ever had before and at that he stops. he gets up and tells her to roll aver which she does and it is now that she realizes she is in the middle of the parking lot with cars going by but before she could let better judgement take over he pushes into her and starts to fuck her hard. she cant stand it anymore and she starts to runs out and all over his balls and down her thighs. as she start to lose her breath she feels him unload into her and his cock seems to spurt forever.he pulls out and tells her his name and gives her his number for future consideration. when she arrives home i am in bed and hear her go into the bathroom, i walk in to find her shredded pantyhose aound her ankles and she is there cleaning her mess up with toilet paper.i can smell the sex and i turn her around and ask what happened. her eyes well up and before she can speak i kiss her and carry her to the bed where i begin to suck her pussy. she says no , shes sore, but i said if you did this you have to pay for it. at this point, daryl, the guy from the van comes in and sticks his cock in her again and makes her squirt all over the place.
the look of shock that is on her face is only bettered by the moans of lust. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY " i tell her as i start to suck her pussy again!

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3/14/2006 11:38 am

What did she give you for your birthday?

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3/14/2006 12:47 pm

That is a great read! Enjoyed the h*** out of it.......what a fantasy come true....lucky girl.

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3/13/2008 4:13 am

this is the only way that we can reply to you. You sent us an email a few days ago and we can not reply to you. Your email is shut off. We want to reply...
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