part 3  

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3/7/2006 7:08 am
part 3

after several minutes of intense pounding and when i think she has to be empty he unloads a huge wad into her and she experiences and orgasm unlike anything she has ever felt. she is gasping for air when he pulls out and puts his soft cock in her face, now she is usually not into taking cum in her mouth but she doesn't h
hesitate to take him in and suck him hard again.he gets up and rolls her onto her knees and i can see that the back of her skirt is soaked and as she bends over a large blob of cum oozes out and lays in what is left of the crotch of her pantyhose. he gets behind her and starts to hammer away again but after a minute he stops and pushes the head of his cock against her a-hole and she turns around to him and says please go slow. now every so often she digs this but not much , so for her to not say no at first tells me she is as hot as she can be.he slowly slides the huge head in and she reaches under herself and starts to frig her clit ( another thing she almost never does ). he finally gets it all in and starts to hump away. it doesnt take long for her to orgasm agian and shortly there after he loads her ass with cum.

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