Reading... Fiction, Fantasy or Fact?  

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12/7/2005 12:36 pm

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Reading... Fiction, Fantasy or Fact?

Well we may not all read on a regular basis, however, even those of you who don't know what you like.

There are those who read so much it is like a way of life. There are those who read from time to time. Finally there are those who haven't touched a book since their school days.

All of the abouve do have one thing in common though... they have a favorite. A favorite style, favorite author, favorite series or a favorite book.

My question to you is what is it?

Do you read for knowledge or for fun... Or both.
Do you enjoy a good plot line, good character development, lots of action, a good sex scene, or do you enjoy factual research better?

We read for pleasure and for knowledge. It is a good way to pass some spare time and a good way to gain the insight you need to stump the know it all at work.

Whatever your pleasure, read and enjoy.
K and B

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