How about this weather?  

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1/28/2006 10:47 pm

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How about this weather?

Ya I know it's lame, but we don't have anything else to say right now.

Today we went out with a bunch of people from work to go to the canal to skate. Everyone brought the wife/husband, kids, sisters, brothers... the works. We went because we had been planning it all week and when we checked the site, to our surprise, the canal was still open. We got there and what a disappointment. The ice was horrid. may as well try skating in the mud, the ice was so slushy.

What happened to this being the coldest month of the year. There should be no problem getting the ice ready for the biggest tourist attraction of the season.

We have only lived in the Ottawa area for the last 2 Winters, but both of them sucked for going skating on the canal.

Well, as with all weather complaints, there is little to be done. Guess all that can be done is venting the frustration. At least we all got together and had a good laugh over everyone trying to skate on that crap. We did have a good time, as short lived as it was.

Anyway, enough complaining for now. Have a good one.

K and B

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