Blurred lines  

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12/15/2005 7:36 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Blurred lines

I’m laying here with my hands tied up above my head. Blindfolded. I can’t see anything, can’t hear anything and I don’t feel you. Know You’re not near.

My mind wanders to the first time I saw you. Talking to me on your cell; directing me even then. Directing me towards you; closer. You just stood there and waited for me to park the car. Waited for me to walk to you. The Dom waiting impatiently for his sub to come serve him. And I did. Untrained and unruly at that point.

Which is probably why I’m tied up. Lying here. Alone. Maybe you’re taking the chip off my shoulder (one I didn’t realize I had). Maybe making me grateful when I do receive your company. Grateful for the attention I will receive as a reward then, for submitting now. For being a good girl………

I remember the first time I felt your face against my neck; against my cheek; then later against my thighs. Already rewarding me for doing as I was told. All the different sensations you created; the electricity of your touch, the longing that you built to unfathomable heights; then the total satisfaction ‒ that of body, mind and soul.

I hear you returning. My heart leaps at the thought of your nearness. Your steps are slow; calculating. Then they stop. I wonder if you’re just standing there admiring my naked body. The body you plan to take as Yours. What are you doing? I hear the sound of a zipper; the rustle of clothes and my pulse jumps. Anticipation? Fear? Frustration? My body leaps at the feel of something lightly stroking my stomach and up over my breasts. A feather? Very pleasurable. Then a soft cloth or mitt, caressing my face and neck; over my breasts, slowly down my body, lightly over my pussy and down to my feet.

You flip me over and sweetly start to rub my back and my arms again with the mitt. My arms are getting tired held up the way they are, but the mitt feels so soft; so relaxing; so gentle. “Nice, nice” I purr for you.

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