What I Want...  

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6/8/2006 8:03 pm

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What I Want...

Everybody says they either don't know what they want, or they do and they won't accept anything less. For you five people that read this, here's what I want. I'll call it my list of demands...

1. I want all women on this f$*#ing site to be real. I'm tired of finding someone that catches my eye only to get a generic response and a personal email address. The email eventually gets removed by the system anyway.

2. I want to be pursued. I'm tired of writing crap in an email that nobody will read about how they look or that I can give them what they want only to be put in the trash.

3. I want to be remembered. This is what I want out of life. All I ask is that when I'm gone - from the room, from the state, from this life, that someone remembers me and remembers me fondly.

4. I want to experience everything I've been missing. 32 fucking years wasted. I have nothing to show for it and all my fond memories aren't that fond anymore. Each memory is somewhat tainted by time, or events that have occurred since. I want new memories.

5. I want a woman to want to come back.I'm not expecting a relationship. I don't even want one. I do want a woman that is so impressed with how I made her feel that she has to come back for more. That's my call for an ego boost.

6. I want every room in my tiny little apartment to remind me of sex. The living room and that stupid couch I bought that's too short. The shower, the bedroom. The kitchen. Maybe even the patio and especially the second bedroom that has nothing in it but a bookshelf and a home gym. I want to travel from room to room and know that I've had a woman there, there, and there. Her ass has been on my counter. I bent her over that table. It's not that much to ask for really...

7. I want to have sex in a car. I want a blowjob while driving. I want a handjob on the way to my apartment. I want to twist and bend in weird ways to fuck like rabbits and steam up the windows. I miss the excitement, the adventure.

8. I want to make home movies and watch them in the afterglow. I want to sit there naked with a woman that can laugh at the look on my face as I fuck her senseless. Then when we're done. Do it again and make some more movies. I never thought I'd like the idea, but I've warmed up to it, and even saluted.

9. I want a woman to write her experience here on this blog as I make her cum again and again. I'm talking about a guest blogger making a field report. I want all the typos left in and play by play commentary - both good and bad.

10. I want it ALL. ...and I want it NOW.

imLadyBambi 58M/50F

6/10/2006 9:03 pm


Theres nothing wrong with that list.

Lady Bambi

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