In the line of fire...hehe  

2hard2betrue 42M
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7/6/2006 8:35 pm
In the line of fire...hehe

Most everytime I'm with my adult friend, she wakes me up around 5 and we have sex, or she goes down on me.
This morning was no different. She woke me up at 5 and then around 6:30. The second time, she went down on me and learned a rather funny and valuable lesson... if the gun is loaded, point it away from your face!

I've told her that before as she stroked me. I've said that it feels great, but kindly point the weapon down range...

We both had a laugh this morning when she didn't heed my advice and got a nose full...

Apparently she's still trying to blow the cum out of her nose...

It's not called shooting your wad for nothing..!

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