Who likes to JUST MAKE OUT???  

2gd2btruue 61M
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11/23/2005 4:58 am

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4/5/2006 5:53 pm

Who likes to JUST MAKE OUT???

Oh baby... I do! Ya know how women always say they need to feel some connection before they can have sex with a man? Yeah well for me, I need to feel that connection before I will simply KISS a woman. To me, its my kiss that forms the emotional bond.

Kissing is so sensuous and non-sexual. I can make out for hours with a beautiful woman and be quite content with nothing more than that. Bodies entwined. Kissing and touching. Makes me melt.

Don't believe me? Just ask my last girl friend. We spent most of last spring and summer just making out. You see, she's a good Mormon girl, so there can be no sex outside marriage, despite her own highly charged sexual energy. Her convictions made it very easy for me to accept only what she could give me. I simply couldn't get frustrated or feel deprived, no matter how aroused I got. In fact, she loved feeling me get aroused. No mystery there. We've moved on, but she's still my friend. She simply reminded me how cool it is to just make out! Its good for the soul.

I've been a kisser since third grade, when I "got married" on the school playground during recess. And then, there was my first real girl friend and make out buddy in 7th grade. And I will never forget the "kissing game" my friend and I had with these two cute girls. See who could kiss the longest. It was late at night in the back of the bus, with everyone else asleep, on our 8th grade trip to Washington DC. It was like a kissing orgy! Ah yes, memories of time spent making out.

When my ex and I were on the wane during the last half of our 22 year marriage, we started losing the passion in our kiss. So for years and years, we just had sex. And some really great sex, too, at times. But we lost the emotional bond and we kissed less and less.

Oh of course, like any good wanna be dominant male of the mammal genus, there's been plenty of times where the raw instinct to simply mate takes control, sans any emotional bond and thus, for me, sans any kissing. Thats just having sex. And yeah, I confess to liking that, too. And my pursuit of those carnal pleasures, though unsuccessful, is another reason I'm divorced.

But I will forever believe in the connection that can be formed between two people by just kissing and making out.

So, guys... Can you relate to any of this? How many of you out there appreciate the importance a woman often puts on being a good kisser? Ever been told you're a great kisser? Do you even LIKE to kiss and make out???

Or do ya just wanna mate?

hotbubbles74 42F

11/27/2005 7:38 am

Good question! Your problay one out 100 that realize this! Kissing is such key to the sexual satisfaction! To, just rub, grind, hold, message, and grope eachother can be such a turn on. A good kisser is so important in my sexual arrosal!

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