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11/27/2005 2:46 pm

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Ok. One more and I GOTTA CALL IT QUITS for a spell. I got other shit to do besides this (yes, I really do). Anyway... I really enjoy reading all of your fantasies. Some are really cool and very well written. Some are really hot and wild. And some are just plain crazy! So here's a couple of mine. First, my reality...

For making love with a beautiful woman, its location location location! I love exotic locations in the great outdoors. And sometimes, its all about being out in the open where there's a good chance we can be seen and watched. The ex and I actually lived those fantasies a few times. We occassionally flaunted our sexuality and really enjoyed the excitement of it. Like the time out on a boat in the middle of Lake Tahoe. On the rocks in the hot sun half way up the side of a mountain, just off the trail. And the warm days and moonlit nights we spent on the beach, tucked just behind that little dune over there, or right out in the open, where any late night strollers might happen by. Those were fun times. Gotta find me some more of that!

As for the fantasy...

I would luv to be the center of attention in a small group orgy, smothered with sex.

Anybody out there wanna help me find some reality?

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