What Went Wrong...  

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5/18/2006 8:40 am

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What Went Wrong...

Met a guy on line - chatted a while and we both totally agreed that we clicked compltely. Met for lunch and went to a hotel and had the most amazing sex (both of us totally agreed best ever - he mentioned it first and took a while to pry it out of me - given that I totally didnt want to give him the big head or anything). We parted went our seperate ways. Met again and had sex again - again all way way too good to be true. We matched completely on all levels. I realize that no one here is looking for love - especially me, not on this site - but now I am a bit confused. He totally bragged to all his friends about me (given true because I heard his conversations on the phone) we did more than just great sex we were friends - if that is what one calls it.

Now I havent heard from him - which hey no one owes me anything. I am afraid to contact him because I dont want to look like the needy type I am just wondering what happened?!?! I never mentioned anything other than the great sex between us - and I never gave him the idea that I wanted him involved in my life - but hey everyone needs release every now and then - and why not have it with someone who is great?

Any suggestions or comments?...

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