What A Freakin' Day!!!  

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7/28/2006 1:26 pm

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What A Freakin' Day!!!

It all started yesterday, but I was bound and determined to have a great day today. I think I got a bit too whiney yesterday in the blog and things just went downhill from there. Today was going to be different!

The alarm goes off. I decide to push the snooze button and sleep a bit longer - oops!! turned the dang thing off instead and boy did I manage to sleep! Right up to 10:00. Okay calm down - I have a management position so one was going to yell at me since I am after all my own boss. No big deal. Take a shower and get dressed. Today is casual day. Had to give the employees a break since most days during the week they dress up. Pick out a nice summer dress and flat. Head out the door into the car - shoot - forgot the purse - out of the car, into the house, grab purse, out the door and into the car. Crap!!! I locked the keys in the car - with the dang thing running! Okay - calm down think. You can handle this. What do I do - break the window - call the local farmer, since I live in the country - what the heck am I suppose to do now??? Then I remember - oh yes, extra keys under front door plant! Great!!!

Get to work - only to discover that the computers are broke and NO ONE has taken the smarts to call someone to come take a look at things. Do I work with a bunch of idiots or what?? Hello - use the brain!!

Time for lunch - on Friday's the girls get together for lunch. We decide to eat at the local sandwich place - which isnt the greatest place, but could of been worse. I order a salad and a drink. Sit down, start chatting and out of the blue - a girlfriend hollers - not just quietly or politely - but hollers out - YOU HAVE YOUR DRESS ON INSIDE OUT! I thought maybe, just maybe, she would tinkle on herself to make me feel better, but nope didnt happen. Dang!! I giggle about it (what else could I do) and excuse myself to change in the restroom. Well wouldnt you know it - there I am arms up above the head - dress up over the head and bam the restroom door popps open. If it hadnt been for my red thong - the guy who opened the door would of seen all that I had! Good grief - shut the freakin door dude!! - I scream. He shuts it.

Thank goodness when I came out of the restroom he was no where in eye sight. Although the elderly lady and her daughter were pointing at me and the elderly lady was telling her daughter how I had on such a small amount of panties that it really doesnt do any good - I might as well of wore nothing at all. Oh good grief - lady - get a grip we all have a choice and I chose to NOT wear granny panties!!!

Lunch is over and I am back at work. Computers are working and there isnt a lot to do. I go to sit in my chair - somewhere safe - my office I cant do anything to myself in here. WRONG!!! The dang thing snaps and the back half of my chair falls off - and the worst part I go flipping backwards with it!!! Okay - now I have my legs up in the air, my dress around my waist and my back in flat on the floor. All I could honestly do was laugh. I laughed so hard a couple of employees came into see what was going on. I couldnt help it - what else was I to do??

I have an hour to go - and lets pray that I dont hurt myself or anyone else.

Good grief - I need a vacation and a very large pitcher of margaritas!!!

Until later

roper_6969 55M

7/28/2006 5:57 pm

Lol.......geesh sweetie. I put a curse on you, sorry....lol.

Kisses Darlin,

nightis 52M

7/29/2006 5:37 am

I guess we all have something in common except for geography! By the way did you hear the feature on NPR Friday morning about the "Boss from Hell" Probably not, you slept in until 10am. Whoops...dropped the ball on that one.

The reason...they make us that way!

Funny stuff, thanks for sharing!

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