What A Dream!!!  

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7/11/2006 10:03 am

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What A Dream!!!

Ever had one of those dreams that make you think - where in the heck did that come from? Why in the world would I be thinking that? Well, happened to me last night - let me fill you in...
I am standing in a hotel room, high in the sky, alone looking out the window pane. No lights are on in the room and the only light is coming from the high rise buildings outside. It is dark and it seems that the world is moving in slow motion. I have on a red silk dress and high heels. My hair is up. I am standing there waiting - but waiting for what? What am I doing here? I am scared to death of heights so why am I standing by the window pane? What am I doing??

I turn to walk away and am told - in a whisper - not to move, turn back around and walked back to the window. My heart is pounding but I do as I am told. I am facing the window looking out into the dark night. I feel someones hands on my shoulders. I can feel the heat of the body standing behind me. Who is this? What is going on?? I hear a voice - I remember this voice - but who is it?? I am thinking trying to remember whose voice it is.

The hands travel up to my face holding a silk scarf and my eyes are being covered. Soft whispers are being spoken into my ear. Dont panic, things are fine. My brain is thinking. My hands are being tied behind me in something soft. Kisses are being placed along my collar bone and neck. I can feel the hands on my body through my dress. A mans hand. I can feel the heat of his body behind me pressing into me. I am now up against the window pane. The air outside is cold. I cant move. I am pinned between this mans body and the cold window pane. My nipples are hard pressed against the pane. His hands are wandering up and down the front of my waist and hips. I am being betrayed by my body. I can feel the straps of my dress being pulled. The dress is falling loose around my chest. He takes my hands and leads me backwards.

I am placed on something hard - maybe a table or chair. I am sitting with my dress loose exposing my nipples and my feet are being placed on the table or chair beside me. Lay down, I am told. I am about to speak but am told to not say anything. I can feel the heat of the mans breath close so close to me. I resign and lay back - hands tied to one side. My feet are hanging off the table or chair - I am not sure which. My dress is around my waist. I can feel hands on my legs and thighs. Light pressing kisses up and down my legs. I can feel myself becoming wet - wanting so much for more to happen. I cant control the way that my body reacts.

His hands are on my breasts. Touching, cupping, holding then something wet - he is kissing me. Soft, slow kisses that are moist and wet. My loins are starting to become hot and I can feel myself aching for more. I can feel the breath of the man on my legs. Close so close to me. I raise up the lower half just enough to have him tease me. His hands are traveling all over my body. I cant stand much more. I am needing him to touch me somehow somewhere. Please my brain is screaming. Please touch me!!! I can feel his fingers slide into me without any resistance. Slowly, throbbing I am aching for more. His mouth his on me. Eating me, sliding his fingers in and out as if to make me want more and more. All I can do is moan. Please - please!

Then I feel him - slide into me. I hear him gasp at the entrance of me. Followed by the slow journey in and out of me. I cant tell who is breathing harder him or I. I cant tell who is kissing who know. All I know is this feels fantastic. I am wanting more and more and more. I hear his moan and knowing he is close I wrap my high heeled feet around his waist and raise my lower body off the table or chair. Dont stop - my brain is screaming. I give one final sharp heeled push with my foot and it sends the both of us over the edge.

The room is completely quiet. There is no movement of any kind. The weight of his body is gone. I wake up and find that I am in bed alone. What?? Where am I?? I thought it was real? Surely a dream that good wasnt fake!?!?

I really am in desperate need now!! And to think why in the hell did I dream that??

Roper - sorry about the confusion yesterday I was typing as girlfriend was spilling her guts to me. She really didnt make much sense to me either. I have found it best to stay out of other peoples affairs!! Less drama better off I am.

Bullman - completely agree with you on yesterdays theory. Got any on why in the hell I would dream such a sexy dream?!?

roper_6969 55M

7/11/2006 1:50 pm

Damn, I have soooo many visuals in my head it's not funny. It's kind of amazing how two people, that have never met, can have such similar outlooks about sex. Slow, long and wet. That's how I like it too. I really gotta stop reading this stuff....lol.

Kisses Cowgirl,

nightis 52M

7/27/2006 10:57 am

That had a serious, real, physical effect on me my dear. Very well written! Very powerful!

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