Watching A Sexual Encounter  

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9/7/2006 9:28 am

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Watching A Sexual Encounter

The bed is a king size bed with a soft comforter on it. There is a large dresser with a full length mirror that we can both see in and four huge posters at the end of each corner. My dream bed - I think as I climb in. I close my eyes and imagine what it would be like to have you in this bed.
The radio is on softly. The air is on and the house is quiet except for our breathing. I slowly unbutton your shirt and as I reveal your chest I am placing kisses. I pull your shirt down the length of your arms and kiss your neck. My hands wander to your belt and I unfasten it and unzip your pants. The desire to have you in my body starts to grow. I have so many plans today. Your clothes are removed and I explain to you that today I am the boss. You will do as I say and you will do what I want no questions asked. You only nod. I place a blind fold around your eyes and ask you to lay back. I pull one of your arms above your head and tie your wrist to the bed post. I walk down to the end of the bed and grab your ankle and tie it to the bed post. You are starting to struggle a bit and I remind you that I am in control today. I walk around the bed and do the same to the other side of your body. You are now in the center of my bed, blind folded and tied to each bed post. I remove my clothing and climb into bed. The first thing that I do is whisper to relax. I can tell from the tense expression on your face you are a bit worried, but I promise I will not hurt you. I place kisses on your face and down your neck, onto your chest and towards your hips. I rise back up and place my breast near your mouth. Your mouth opens and you being working your majic. Your tongue circling my nipple, your teeth nippling. I move to offer you my other breast. My hand is on your cock, feeling your hardness, moving up and down. I pull my breast away and you go to rise up, forgetting that you are tied to the bed. You wriggle a bit and lay back down cursing me, but there is a smile on your face. I slide down your body and take your cock into my mouth slowly. First working the head. Making sure that you are well tended to before I lower my mouth a bit more. Before long I have your cock completely in my mouth. You love for me to be able to deep throat you. My mouth is working your cock in circles and up and down. My hands are cupping your balls and playing with them as you are sliding in and out of my mouth. To know that I am able to please you in such a way get me turned on. I can feel that between my legs I am getting damp. I love the way that it feels to have complete control over you. I slide one of my hand between my legs and rub it over my clit and slide it in my pussy. The feeling is enough to make me moan while you cock is in my mouth. The vibrations make your body tense. I slide my finger out of my pussy and place it on your lips. Your mouth automatically opens and you suck my finger, making me moan again against your cock. You legs start to tremble and I know that you are close. I slide my finger out of your mouth and back between my legs and inside my pussy. I slide my finger in and out of my wet pussy just like it would be your cock. My mouth is mimicking the finger motion I am making in my pussy. I feel it, the warm liquid slide down my mouth and my finger is moving faster. My mouth is moving faster on your cock and your hips and legs are tense. You are cumming and you moan out loud. I can stop - then there it is the warm liquid that pour down my hand and into my palm. I slide my mouth up to the tip of your cock. Making sure that I swallow the last drop. I slide my finger out of my pussy and move it up to your mouth. Your mouth opens and I release your balls. I place two fingers in your mouth and you suck them. As I am sliding them out of your mouth you whisper that I must of cum. I just smile, knowing that you cant see me. I slide up your body and straddle your waist. You move your hips up to try and slide into me, but I am too far up your chest. My wet, warm pussy sitting in the middle of your chest rubbing up and down. I grab hold of the head board and start to rock my pussy up and down your chest in long strokes. While doing that you try to place your mouth on my pussy. Before long I can feel the warmth growing and know that it wont be long. I start to moan and my movements are going faster. You relax and lay back, just glad that you are able to please me. I rock my hips closer and closer to your mouth. The warmth is coming. I slide up to your face and place my pussy on your face. Two licks on my clit and feeling your facial hair on my pussy teasing is enough to send me over the edge. You feel the warm liquid slide into your mouth and out the sides of your mouth. I groan out loud and notice that you are moving your head back and forth. You are trying to get loose, but I know that I have tied you good enough that you cant. I grab your head with my hands and stop your movements and tell you to be quiet. My pussy is on top of your mouth and you are working your majic. I have to pull away because if I dont I am afraid you just might drown in my juices. I turn around and face away from you. I slide down your body and on top of your cock. My pussy is so wet that it accepts you in one sweep. You and I both moan in union. I am sitting on you in the reverse cowgirl position and watching me fuck you in the mirror. I rock my hips back and forth and up and down. I reach between my legs and play with your balls rubbing my clit and occassionally sliding my finger inside my pussy along with your cock. I can tell that you are ready to be let go, but just a bit more I think. I want you to completely be ready to fuck me. I keep riding you and playing with your balls. I reach back and place my finger in your mouth that has been in my pussy and you suck on it. The sucks motion makes my pussy tighten and I moan. My hips and moving faster and faster and your legs are tensing up. I am watching me fuck you faster and faster, harder and harder. The watching in the mirror and your cock sliding in and out of me is enough to make me want to never stop. I notice that your groans have now gotten louder and you are trying not to cum. I place my fingers between my legs and slide my finger in and out alongside your cock. All at once I feel you grow inside of me and the release is next. The warm liquid from both of our bodies slides down my fingers and onto your balls. We both groan in union. The rocking of our hips slow down and I relax falling back onto your chest. Your cock is still inside of me.

I feel your arm slide around my neck (how did that happen I wonder) - now its your turn you whisper in my ear....

Until later

fullysatisfyu 41M
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9/7/2006 10:03 am

If there is a good way to die, it would be drowning in your juices. Loved it as usual!

lickherboy69 43M

9/7/2006 4:35 pm

Damm I think I'm falling in LOVE ha ha great story loved every word.

rm_Fun4u2937 45M
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9/8/2006 8:40 am

Reverse cowgirl? Cupped balls? Yeah, i wouldn't think you have a problem pleasing anyone. Maybe you need to head North to find a guy who won't fall short.

Very sensual....loved it!

rappahannock_man 61M
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9/8/2006 10:41 am

Cold shower time!

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