2daycowboywanted 45F
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5/24/2006 8:23 am

As I looked back on the blogs that I have posted I have come to realize that most of them have been nothing but complaints and gripping. That is totally unattractive and not the way that I want to be.

Changing things - I am mostly satisfied with the choices that I have made and the selection of people that I have been sexual with. Sure there are a few - select few that make me think WHAT?? - but for the most part I am very satisfied.

There are things that I dont have control of such as the weather and other people but for as for myself and the mistakes and changes that I personally would like to make - I have control of that. I am completely satisified with what I have done in life - so reason to complain.

I have met some terrific people on line as well in person. Not everything has to be about sex - although sex is a wonderful topic - there is a bit more that goes on in the world. As for the site - seems to be working - just giving it some more time to work for me - hopefully I will find the one who rocks my world and until then I shall keep on searchin!

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