In The Genes or Plain Stuiped??  

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6/30/2006 7:51 am

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In The Genes or Plain Stuiped??

Giving you something to laugh about...
I have been chatting on line with a guy, who shall remain nameless, for about two weeks now. He is totally nice and polite and referred to nothing sexual or vular. Seemed as though he wanted to get to know me for me, which is a nice change because you know around here guys and gals can be pigs at times.

Yesterday he asked me to call him. I figured that it was because he just wanted to make sure that I was totally a girl and not just pretending. Okay - fine with that. I called and we chatted for a few minutes. The phone line clicked and he had another call. He asked me to please hold on for a moment. I did - only thing was he never clicked over. He answered the other line, or so he though, with "Hey babe, how was your appointment." My comment was you need to click over - his response "Oh, that well its just my parents I will call them back in a moment". I responded again - you need to click over. Needless to say he still didnt get what I was trying to tell him. I told him - you never clicked over on the phone - and he responded with "Babe - its my parents I will call them back." I asked him who he thought he was talking to and he called me another girls name. I laughed and said "No - you never clicked over". He tried to play it cool and I just hung up.

Not 5 minutes later he calls me and acts as though nothing happened. I explained and recited what he told me on the phone. Instead of owning to the mistake, and duh - it was so obvious - he lied smack right through his teeth.
Now, I might not be the brightest person in the room but I did graduate from high school and I did recieve a bachelor degree - so I must know a little something - why in the heck would someone play me off as if I was dumb.?! Needless to say he called me back again - and wanted to talk. I think that he was totally embarrassed because he kept going back to the phone conversation saying that was his "friend" and totally not a girlfriend. PLEASE!!!

Thought it might raise a chuckle or two. In the long run - totally his loss and not mine. Another wacked experience on this site!!

Until later XOXOX

Pst...Roper, babe had to giggle when I saw that you posted that I did that to refer to you. I never thought of it that way - but you are correct. Although when I email you - your photo was up. Guess we both are in the same boat! Which isnt a bad place to be from where I am sitting. Smooches!!!

roper_6969 55M

6/30/2006 1:12 pm

LOL....I wouldn't mind being on a boat with you at all. A cabin cruiser, anchored in the middle of a lake, for the weekend, a long weekend. With plenty of food, wine, beer and tequila. And a big king size bed. Just me & you honey.


xxxtallorderxxx 46M

7/1/2006 3:47 am

awww 2day, to think he'd answer someone else before you was the first sign.



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