I Had To Giggle  

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6/12/2006 1:49 pm

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I Had To Giggle

Now dont get me wrong - there are wonderful people on line, both men and women. I find it interesting that the women on the site tend to be a bit more "jealous" than the men. My photo does look as though I have a man - but if you look or read the profile you will notice that it states single. The women on here complain that if "they" had a photo of an old fling/boyfriend/whatever there would be no way that they would post that here. That would be too awful. So instead - they photo their snatch. Up close and personal for the whole world to view. They then get upset when they view my photo.

Hey, I am not twisting your arm to view my profile and Im not jumping out flinging my arms -Pick Me, Pick Me. If we match - GREAT. If we dont - GREAT. Why be bitchy about the whole thing?? I have never understood the whole whiney, bitchy woman anyway.

Anyhow - back to the photo thing. I dont recall asking anyone what I should or shouldnt of posted. I dont recall needing permission from anyone. And trust me - by no means has the front photo picture ruined my chances of possibly meeting the right person. So - listen carefully, all the whiney, bitchy women - if you dont like - DONT LOOK, DONT PEEK and most of all keep whinning one day your guy will get sick of it and look elsewhere. Then who will have the last word....

Until tomorrow....

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