Debating for friends sake....  

2daycowboywanted 45F
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6/6/2006 7:53 am

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6/9/2006 1:46 pm

Debating for friends sake....

(This conversation is about two of my friends - debating on sexual activity)

Question for all of the sane people out there. My friends and I have had the normal girl gossip session and I have a few questions.

My girlfriend has been involved with a guy for the past 9 years. She swears the sex is awesome. We all know from time to time there are a few quick tips to get things rolling - such as oral, creativity or kinkiness involved. My girl swears none of the above have to be applied to the guy she has been seeing. She says that just talking to him is enough to get her excited.

I have had my guy for about 2 years and I love him, but there are times I really dont feel like having sex or even want it. That is where the oral, creativity or kinkiness comes in. Playing around things get wet and loose - if you know what I mean. My girl swears that isnt the case with her man. She doesnt have to play around or anything - just right to the matter and she is ready for action. She swears that her guy can cum and cum and still be ready for more.

So my debate is this - is that really right?? Are there guys out there that can cum at least 3 times in one hour?? I say no - but my girl swears yes. She also swears that she doesnt need to "plan" things - she is hot for him all the time. Is that even possible after 9 years? She swears it has been that way all along. Just the thought of him or the smell of his cologne gets her excited. I find that hard to believe.

Dont get me wrong - I know we all come in different shapes, sizes, likes and dislikes but I find it hard to believe he can last that long, cum that often and the two of them be that into each other after 9 years.

What's your take??

SirMounts 102M

6/6/2006 5:21 pm

No! It's totally impossible! *fingers crossed* lol
A warm welcome to blogging, 2daycowboywanted. *smiling* write very well.

alurker5 51M

6/9/2006 10:41 am

I can certainly attest to the validity of your friend's conditioned response to the cologne her man is wearing (getting hot just from the scent). It can evoke a powerful response.

My wife "trained" me on Calvin Klein's Obsession, both back when we were first dating and, after we were married, applying it liberally just before bed on nights when she had amorous intentions. The association firmly established, once I got the scent, like Pavlov's dog, I sprung into action.

However, the problem with this conditioning is that colognes and perfumes are not sold exclusively.

Recently, a woman approached me at work, asking if I could devote some time to a project she was developing. She was wearing--you guessed it--Obsession.

She suddenly had my full attention (though not as she intended) as she explained in detail what she needed me to do for her. I tried to focus on what she was telling me but my mind kept... wandering, as I found myself suddenly seeing her in a different context. While I maintained my composure and tried to avoid overtly flirting, it would not have taken much from her to set me off.

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