Blonde or Brunette???  

2daycowboywanted 45F
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7/5/2006 8:08 am

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Blonde or Brunette???

I happen to be a total blonde headed person. For the ones who dont know - that means that I am truly 100% the real thing. Blonde on the top of the head, arms, legs and in the "Y". Not the bottle blonde - but the real thing. I recently went brunette - maybe a bit to the extreme but I went dark. Yes, I know most women go the opposite way but I wouldnt consider myself one of the crowd.

I have been blonde all of my life - with the exceptions of the past few months. I have noticed that some of the attention that I get has to do with the color of my hair. Silly isnt it? That a person could pay you more attention based on the color of your hair.

We all have a preference as to what we like and dislike. I have noticed that personally I like the darker hair better. My green eyes tend to stand out a bit more. With the blonde hair my eyes sort of got lost, so to say.

Without blabbing a whole lot - wondering what color do each of you like best? Or does it really even matter all that much??

Until later OXOX

Roper - had to giggle hadnt thought of you not having a photo. I just meant the people in Southwest Texas. Anyhow - I cant say too much about your photo - since it is obvious I dont have one.

Tall - Thanks so much for the compliment. You really are a gentleman.

roper_6969 55M

7/5/2006 12:04 pm

I like long hair, but the color doesn't matter. And, if she has a perfect heart shaped ass, dressed in Wranglers, Rockies or Cruel Girls, she could be bald and I wouldn't notice. Hope this helps babygirl.


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