finishing up my first 3some  

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12/30/2005 3:52 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

finishing up my first 3some

Sorry about before i left you hanging to se what happen next but i was at work and i had to get off.

But as i was saying as he ran his finger around my pussy with every touch i so wanted to feel his finger in side playing with me making me more wet then what i already was. he turn me around and tell me to stick my butt out and toarch my back he start to slowing rubbing my cheeks and then let me have it he slaps me ass and all icould do was jump nad tell him harder papi. spank me little a little bad girl so he did he would first rubb me but the more i ask for it the less he would do it he wanted to hear me begg for it. He would feel that i was shaking becuase i was so horny and i wanted him so bad that he just slowly put his big hot juicy dick inside my tiny pussy feel his manhood inside me just melted me my body was so craving him so that he have a several hard thrust and then pull out and told me to ly in the bathtub i have no cloth on except my 4 inch heels. i got in he told me to wait he left the bathroom and instead of him walking back in our friend walks in naked also she has come in while he was doing me and since i was so into him i didn't hear her come into the house. she got into the bathtub and starting to kissing me gently while she kissed me she played with my tit he walks in ans see the two of us in the bathtub kissing naked just playing with eat other that women start to kiss down my neck and start to kiss my leggs and in to my aroun dmy pussy she tells me to stand up and my man helps me up cause like i said before i ws tipse and with 4 inch heel in the bathtube i kept sliping my man was hard as a work i love see him so turn on by see his friend eating my pussy out. OHH that girl just light lick my pussy like there was no tomorrow she had my juices all over her face and she kept fingering me and easting me it felt so good they both saw that waht i wanted was to get fuck so the took me out of the bathtub and layed me down and here she came again started to kiss my body both my man and her all i wanted to do was blow him but i didn't want her to stop so i grab her tits and start to suck on them licking her nipple and bitting and pullin gon them my man and me then got on her i finger her and she was blowing my man ohhh i love the look on my man faces see the wto of us playing with his dick have both set of lip all over his manhood him just lyin gback and enjoying the show we did this all night long i came so many time and she cam so many time. Ever since that night i been so much into pussy i love playing with other pussy that is not mine just as much as i love playing with my self and blowing my man so ANY FEMALE INTERESTED IN A NIGHT OF FUN AND ADVENTURE I AM GAME LOOK ME UP

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