I was blowing my man one night and they cop followed us  

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12/29/2005 9:45 am

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I was blowing my man one night and they cop followed us

My man and me where driving home one night froma freinds house we had been drinking. So i love to blow my man so i started toplay with him and kissing and finaly i unzippe dhis pants and took "my Buddy" out to play . We were both enjoying it very much and she started to speed and this cop starts to follow us he tells me to stop. I look up at him and said no maybe he has seen us so i continue sucking him off. So he decide to turn in to a neiborhood to loose the police office but no he follows so again he tells me to stop. I look up at him a gain and say nooo he is so turn on that the police is followin gus ima blowing him.
As he was about to come we ran over a cat. The police finaly put his lights on so we stop.He zipps up his pant i sit back on my sit.
He came up to the window ask my man " DO you know why i stoped you?"
He look at him and tell him for speeding or what what we were doing"
the Oficer look at us and tell us no. I stoped you becuase you ran over the cat and the only way you can get off is if the cat has a coller you need to pay off the dead cat from the owner, BUt if he doesn't have a coller your free to go.
So we get out of the car and walk up to the car the stupid cat had a coller and we were infront of the owners house. We walked up to the house and this really old lady with several cats open the door. she had scratches all over her hand and we explain what happen and she tell us that she hated that cat that out of the 12 cats she had that was the meanest one. so she asked how much money we had we told her $20 she said fine it all your so the offier tells us that we are free to go we go back to the car and before we drive off we see that the old lady is getting arrest does anyone want to know why??????????

UHHH??? should tell you??????????????????????????????yea I'll tell you she was arrested for selling PUSSY got you it just a joke but i do love blowing and sucking tit just as much as my man does DId u lik eit ????

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