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easy info

To post iside a frame like this

Copy the bottom part of this and paste it into your note pad. once you have it there you have to put the end brackets"]" at the end of each line.
at the end of [center,[boder. [lightblue etc...
do that all the way down to the last [center.

Where it says-table width=40%, you can change to the length you need, bigger # = longer box.The same with cellpadding and border.

[bgcolor is background color, if you go to w3schools.com {it's free) under html scripts you can find a long list of colors that are numbered. Just put the # you want and that will be your background color.

In between the two "b"'s is where you want to write.

The [b is for Bold, you can also use [i for italics or [bi for bold italics. [u is for underline. make sure you close it with[/b with the right letter [/i, [/u, [/b.

Also, right before you add the text you can add what color you want the text by typing.. [color _____? your choice.

At the end of the text type"[/color" . You allways have to close a command.

Remember I could not put the end bracket] on any of these examples but you have to so it will look right.

Save it in your note pad. I call it text box. When you start bloging you just pull up your note pad and minimize it.

when you want to post a blog or coment maximize note pad, copy the script, minimize it again then paste it in the blog post box.

Write between the" b"'s.

Then, on the tool bar there is a paper with a magnifying glass on it. click that to preview your work.
If somting is out of the box it usually means you left off a "/]" somewhere, or added an extra one.

you can play around with it in previw untill you get the hang of it. Add pics and stuff like that.

tommorow I will post a name and pic box script. Its easy, once you have it done right in note pad you just copy and paste.

This is a different color bg. The more you write the box automaticly expands down to the right size. you have to change the "width=_%" to make it longer.

Here I changed the width to 90% and the "border= to 20". The bg color to 48C1CC and the text color to blue.

If you go to "sexyfitwomans" blog she has some really cool scripts that are more complex.

[table width=40% cellpaddig=?your# border=?your#
[tr bgcolor=lightblue
[td colspan=1 align=center
[b [color___ "Your Text goes in between here" [/color [/b

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3/23/2006 9:34 pm

I can do with simple HTMLs and I am so not going to mess with more complicated ones seeing how AdultFriendFinder system already sucks and I am sure things will be even more messed up if they ever happened to bar HTMLs again I don't want my blog to turn ugly But hey, since you know how to do it, great!! I just wish I am a little more patient and good with them

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