Nick names mostly blow, But one sucks.  

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3/31/2006 9:19 am

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Nick names mostly blow, But one sucks.

When I was a kid I always wanted a nickname. Something cool like "Splke" or Initials Like "TJ". My real name is Theodore. My Dad was a lifer in the Army so I always had crew cuts in school, and no matter how much I beeged I was introduced in a new school as Theodore. I hated it then, but I can fight like a mad man and lost very few because of my name and bald head.

In my teen years I had some nick names I hated. My little brother started "Tedo". He used to sing this song whenever I was pissed to aggrivate me, "Po Teado bump bump bump, Po Teado Bump Bump Bump". He could run faster than me So I rarely caught the little Devil. "Tedo" whooped him a number of times but the name stuck and soon spread.

I had another freind who called me "Baxter" after Ted Baxter on the Mary Tylor Moore Show. I hated that one too, but was done fighting by then.

I had some nick names in the Army. One of my sargents used to call me "Gammich",(last name ref.) and a friend who new me well somtimes called me "Seudo Strike" because I was allways getting some kind of medal or award, I was the perfect soildier, but off base I was a wild man. Once, in a bar in germany I took a Gun off a guy just as he pulled it out on someone. I just happened to be next to him, my Uncle taught me lots of ways to De-arm somone and we practiced often. It was just a reaction, I was fast and he was dazed. I put it on the bar and pointed out the guy. Polizie and MP's were there in no time and I was a hero, Drunk Hero, by the end of the night I was carried home. I got some kind of cetificate for that one in front of the whole CO. Thats when he started calling me "Seudo".

The Uncle who I love so much and taught me so much, used to call me "Black Bart". I liked that nick name, but he could have called me "Shit head" and I would have liked it.

The whole point of all this mumbo jumbo is to pick up chic....I mean explain "2TimesFirst".As a young lover, I was fast, a chicken was was a slower lover. Thank the Saints that Nora told me so. I started practicing different "methods". Soonly, I found out, Thanks to my Uncle again, I was a Good back rubber. That got me into a few pair of panties. Turns out I am I am "gifted" with my hands, my tounge is just as talented.

Well, I was talking to a possible lover once and the subject turned to sex (Oh Boy!). I mentioned to her that I like to make a woman cum 2 Times First, then "do the deed". She found out for herself and loved it. She started callimg me 2 Times, Other people would ask about it, and even call me that, but as far as I know she never told and niether did I.

I never get called that any more. I wish I could introduce myself that way.

"Hi, I'm 2Times First".
"Ya Think these Cuc's are fresh?"

I"I think so."
"what an interseting name".
"What does it mean?"

rm_saintlianna 45F
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3/31/2006 10:05 am

Your welcome. I never had a nickname til I started on here and now its "Saint" of all things. Funny how stuff works out.

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4/3/2006 1:29 pm


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