Sexual Encounters #003  

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2/3/2006 8:53 pm

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Sexual Encounters #003

You call me from your car, saying that you are pulling into the parking lot. My heartbeat quickens, and my breath catches in a gasp...You talk to me as you lock your door, and start walking into the building. You hang up at the same time that I hear the outside door close. I hear your footsteps on the stairs. My whole body is tingling as you knock. I open the door, pulling you inside, closing the door and turning the lock, all in one fell swoop. You pull me to you, now, and your arms swallow me, and your body, hot with passion, presses against me. Your lips cover mine in an extreme kiss...our tongues dancing only the way that tongues do. Our moans into each other s mouth sound like some strange mating call, and, I guess they are.

You pull away and we gaze into each other's eyes. I urge you to sit down, on one of the 2 low chairs in the front room. I kneel between your legs and we kiss again...this time, when we part, my lips never leave your body...I move to your left ear...where my breath blows hotly. My lips leave a wet trail as I move down your neck, to kiss the juncture of your shoulder, then further down, my kisses becoming wetter, as I reach your nipple. I lick it with the flat of my tongue, then playfully bite it, gently with my teeth...moving down your stomach with my wet kisses, I reach your navel. There, again with the flat of my tongue, I soak it, and looking up at you, I suck and blow across it, causing you to shiver and gasp. You hold my hair in your hands trying to urge my head lower...I give in...but first...I place my lips on the outside of your jeans...the jeans that are covering your straining dick. I blow into the fabric, at the head...causing a hot spot...I can hear the fabric stretching further, your dick growing cannot stand it and pull your jeans open, your lovely hard on springing forth! now with your jeans off, I have complete access to that, which I ache for. You settle back into the chair...and I go to work...funny I call it work, when I find a lot of pleasure doing it.

I am again on my knees between your legs, looking into your eyes, as your hands start at my shoulders traveling down my arms and come back up again you grasp my hair at the nape of my neck and squeeze it between your fingers.

OH God that feels so good !

I shift my eyes down to that work of art...standing straight and tall...a single drop of precum sits glistening on the tip, hanging there, for just an instant, before it slowly begins to roll down the side...well, it barely has a chance to leave a wet trail, before My pointed tongue is there to lick it up. MMMMMMMMMMMM that tastes so good...I love it. So sweet and slickery. Makes me hunger for more! Much more. My mouth opens to surround the head of your manhood. As I gingerly take your penis between my lips, sucking it as I go. My head getter lower and lower, until my chin is resting on your balls, and your cock had disappeared in my throat.

You are aware that I have you as far in my mouth as possible and you flex your muscles, causing your cock to swell. I take that as a challenge. With my chin still resting on your balls, I swallow...the pleasure this inspires is evident by the amount of precum that I taste deep in my throat, and your moans of ecstasy. I press harder into your crouch...and almost gag from the girth of the cock I raise my head up and lower it...again and again sucking each direction...

My cunt is so wet by this time that I have juices running down my leg. The scent of sex is strong throughout the room... only heightening our desire. Your fingers find the source of the wet and so responsive that when your fingers brush against my clit...its like a million volts of lightning touching my clit...which immediately transfers to my mouth that is still wrapped around your dick. Bobbing and sucking and bobbing and control the rhythm... faster and faster until you warn me that your orgasm is just strokes away.

Now I suck and postion my head and your back arches. I dive my head tight against your pubes...your hands pressed against the back of my head, holding me there. Spurt after hot spurt of roaring cum flows down my throat, even as you are spurting, I am sucking more and more...finally you relax and sigh heavily. Your flaccid dick, still in my mouth, makes a dramatic exit, with a pop.

You lift my chin with your hand and gaze deeply into my eyes...a thin trace of your essence runs down my chin as you kiss me deeply, our tongues dancing as only our tongues can.

Dedicated to my Honey.

You know who you are.

hrdashell35 46M
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2/5/2006 2:57 pm

DAMN!DAMN!DAMN! that's all i have to say


rm_freak7822 38M
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2/8/2006 6:53 am

dan better than any Zane story i ever read....This sweet lady will have a book and ublishing deal soon.. i said it first.

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