Sexual Encounters #002  

2NaturallyWet 36F
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2/1/2006 8:55 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sexual Encounters #002

I'm on my bed in front of the cam and you are watching me. I can hear your sexy voice through the headphones. I cum like crazy at the sound of slow southern drawl. As always, I pretend the vibe is you as it fills me. You start telling me what to do, become domineering, so unlike you. This is an enjoyable twist to our play.

You tell me to hand the headset to a man that places his hand on the vibe inside of me. He begins to move it teasingly inside of me. He has long, straight blonde hair, he is short, thick & pudgy, the total opposite of you. You begin telling him what to do...where to touch....where to kiss or nibble and even when to bite harder. You even tell him what to say.....his words are your sweet words.....he tells me you’re breathing hard watching the two of us......He follows your instructions as he starts to suckle my breast, his hand grazing lower along my body until his thumb massages my knob.

Holding his head closer to my breast, he bites harder, I cry out your name. You tell him to replace the vibe with his tongue, to lick my sweetness. The tongue touching me is strange, unfamiliar. You tell him to tell me to relax. He does so using your sultry words. You are guiding him so he is tender. He becomes you in my mind. The hair under my long nails feels short and coarse, not like his. The hands on my breast and ass become long and slender like yours. It isn't long before I explode, he licks up the juice just as you told him to. Sucking my juice until I beg him to stop.

He puts my feet on his chest and enters me slowly. You must be telling him to pull back and tease me more because he moves like you. I run my toes through his chest hair. Placing my heels on his shoulders to raise my hips to bring him in more. After an eternity, he glides deep and holds it there. Just like you. My tunnel stretches to fit him. He begins to move within me slowly. I'm crying out your name but it is him filling me not you. I'm squeezing his velvet rod not yours. He tells me you are stroking, this excites me more. Sliding in and out of my slick, wet pussy, working magic circles. I feel my body on the verge of orgasm.

He tells me 'fuck me'. Fuck? Wait a minute. You’ve never said that word. This brings me back to reality. Those aren’t your words. You hate it when I say the word. Fuck? He starts to move rougher, faster, I say slow down, let’s take our time. He begins ramming me and it hurts. Tell him to stop! He must be ignoring your instructions and I'm crying. He isn't you......he isn't tender like you......he won't stop. I look at the camera and yell Help me! He throws the headset to the side and continues battering in me. I grab it, plead with you to make him to stop this. But I shudder with fear when I hear you. I hear you breathing hard, moaning as you stroke yourself fast and hard just as urgent and primal and rough as he is fucking me. Hairs stand on the back of my neck when you cry my name as you start to cum. You're enjoying this view of my horror.

You plead Baby, don't stop, fuck him.....I say no and try to kick him off. He puts more weight on me until my body is pinned. You yell at me to FUCK HIM! I continue to struggle, scratching him with my nails. He pins my arms to my sides never missing a beat of his assault. Bam Bam Bam You say I am yours, I belong to you. To do as you say.....Regretting telling you about this fantasy, I just lay there and begin to cry. You order me to fuck back because I am your slave....Those words. I am your slave. It’s true though the words remained unsaid between us. I am your slave. When you stake your claim my body betrays me. I cum so hard. Harder than ever before. My body is convulsing in pleasure as you yell at me to FUCK HIM! My body is on fire, alive. Pain becomes pleasurable, tears of shame turn joyful. He doesn't pause to feel my tremors on his cock as I explode again so quickly.

Your moans mix with my cries...fuck him you order and I begin to meet his thrusts. Wanting him deeper, faster, harder inside this insatiable cunt that is not my own. Every time you yell fuck I cum again. I imagine it's you who comes inside of my tingling pussy but he is the one who grows soft inside of me, laying on top of me, pinning me down. He wipes the tears from my face, releasing my legs and arms. I hear your sighs of pleasure as you continue to pound yourself. He kisses me lovingly and strokes my hair. I cum again when I hear you cum, my cunt clenching his limp dick. Your heavy breathing fills my ears as he slowly explores my mouth with his tongue. I embrace this tenderness until you catch your breath and tell me what to do next. I hesitate. I'm so sore I can barely move. I take his limpness in my mouth, fighting the urge to gag, his taste is too strong, not sweet like you. His odor is foul.

I am yours and will do as you say. You staked your claim. I hear you moan. I begin to suck.

rm_freak7822 38M
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2/2/2006 12:38 pm

encore en fuckin core that shit got my dick harder than 8 bmw payments and shaqs mortgage .. i have got to have you.. as u say to your owner in your story i am yours??i am yours lets start this .. friendship

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