New beginings for a young couple...  

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10/29/2005 6:34 pm

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New beginings for a young couple...

Hello to those of you that read this. We are a young couple looking to explore the "naughtier" side of life. We are looking to enjoy our lives to the fullest, and yet still take time to smell the roses along the way. We are quite satisfied with our sex life but looking to add just a little spice to it. We've never done anything like this, yet excited to try, and all at the same time, a little apprehensive about doing such. We aren't the types to just jump right into bed and have sex with all that come knocking. You have to be the type of person that is willing to get to know us first, as we like our friends. And if we do happen to finally do something with someone and we enjoy it, we want it to happen more than once. So get to know us a little before you start in on the "I want to fuck you"'s, or "Let's hook up now"'s. If you can't take the time to see if maybe we are somewhat compatible before meeting, keep looking.

In future writings, expect to see some of our fantasies in more detail, as well as maybe some of our "normal" daily life goings on.

Thanks for reading this, hope this is a good start to the blogging world, hehe...

J and C

2Lkn4SumFun 39M/29F
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10/2/2006 6:15 am

yeah, that is true... well, better late than never

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