Her Fantasies.....part one:)  

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Her Fantasies.....part one:)

Okay so I guess it's about time I write one of my fantasies down...hehe hope you enjoy...

...We'd just be getting home from a wonderful night out together...

...as I walk in the door you follow me in, you grab my ass and notice I'm not wearing any panties under my skirt. This turns you on just a little bit and you can't wait to get all the way inside and the door shut. As soon as the door closes you grab my hips and pull my body back into yours. You reach around with your hands and run them up under my shirt. Your fingers glide up my stomach to my voluptuous breats. Your hands are filled with my breasts and I lean back into you and moan. You move me so that I am against the door and you are kissing my neck and reaching behind with your clever fingers and unzipping my skirt to let it fall to the ground revealing nothing but beautiful honey golden skin. Next you slide up my shirt and find nothing but my skin there too. I'm naked in front of you and you grab hold of me and press me into the door with your skin aching to feel mine. I can feel your hard cock through your pants, wanting to break free from it's cage and enter into my wet and waiting pussy, but not yet. You kiss and nibble your way down to my clit and then you start licking until i cum.
I unbutton your shirt and rub my hands up and down your body, kissing and licking my way down to your pants while you stand there. I get to your pants and I unbutton and unzip them. I take off your underwear and I start sucking on your hard cock. I lick the tip with my tounge and then take all of your trobbing cock into my mouth. Doing so makes me even wetter. I suck your cock until you are about ready to burst, then I stop and you pick me up and carry me to the bedroom...
In the bedroom we find a surprise waiting for us. There laying on the bed is a girl tied up ready and waiting. I tell you to put me down and then I cuff you up to a chair so that you can watch me and her.
I start off by going over to the girl. I kiss her full on the mouth. Then I kiss and nibble, going down her neck to her breasts. I nibble and lick at her nipples, making her moan. I run my hands up and down her body softly making her tremble with pleasure. I kiss down her stomach, down until i get to her inner thigh. I lick up her inner thigh and over to her other inner thigh, bypassing her wet pussy, so it makes her want me to do it even more. You can hear her breathing get deeper, moaning, wanting me just to taste her, but I don't I lick and nibble my way back up her body...pressing my body to hers.
I look over at you, trying to break out of your cuffs, but you can't. All you can do is sit there and watch, wanting to be in the middle of two beautiful women.
I let my hands slide down her body and over her clit, watching her eyes go misty as I enter her with my fingers. She's so wet. She moans. I take my finger out of her and put it in my mouth to taste her. Then I give her a long kiss, with our tounges tangling and her tasting her own juices on my tounge. I slowly work my tounge back down her body and I lick her clit until she cums twice. Then I untie her and she makes me cum like I made her cum. After we are done getting each other off, we both look over at you.
We get up and let you out of the cuffs. By this time you are going crazy just wanting to cum. We take you over to the bed and tie you up. We both nibble on you and lick and run our hands over your body. We both make our way towards your rock hard cock and both start sucking and licking at the same time. As we suck your cock, she has her fingers inside my wet pussy and I have my fingers inside hers, making each other moan, while still sucking and licking your cock. We suck and lick until you explode in our mouths. We both lick up your cum and then we kiss each other sharing your cum in our mouths, but we are far from done with you.
We both kiss you back up your body, making you tremble when our mouths go over the sensitive spots. Then we start to make out in front of you, so that your cock will get rock hard again and we can use you some more.
As soon as your cock is ready. She sits on your face while I start to ride your cock. You taste her juices on your mouth and you get hungry for more. I start to ride you even harder which makes you lick her harder. I ride you that way until you make both of us cum. Then we switch spots and you now get to taste my juices as she rides your cock until we both cum again. We untie you.
We both get off of you and let you control the situation now. You get off the bed and grab me and bend me over the bed and start to fuck me from behind. She lays on the bed and lets me taste her. While my tounge flicks over her clit my fingers go inside of her so that she cums. I make her cum a few times before you pull out of me and climb on the bed. You flip her over on her stomach and start to fuck her from behind like you did me. I crawl under her and start to rub my hands all over her, kissing her and playing with her breasts and nipples. We make her cum together.
You pull out of her and slide into me, while she lays on top of me and rubs her hands all over me kissing and rubbing as I did to her, only this time she crawls on to my face so that I can taste her. You grab my hips and pull me even closer and fuck me senseless while I push my tounge as deep as I can go into her wet pussy. I do that until she explodes on my tounge. She lets out a loud moan.
Hearing her moan, you can't take much more and you explode inside of me. You pull out of me so she can lick up the mess off both of us. After that you lay in the middle of us and we fall asleep...

Hope you liked this as much as it turns me on. I tend to write my fantasies in story type settings. Hope you like it.

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hi there ..i would love to see your pics .,.thanks

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you'd have to give us an invite.

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You are a beautiful woman,
I am happy, you are attractive
and simply desirable.
thank you.

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Absolutely awesome

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