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12/22/2005 9:33 am

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Well, wife's at work again, I'm bored as usual with nothing to do until she calls for me to pick her up. Been awhile since either of us have said anything here, so thought maybe I'd share some of life with you all...

Had an accident 2 weeks ago, Dec. 8th/9th, you know, when we got that 12+ inches of snow in like 5 hours. I JUST got off work, it was about 12am, and I was heading home. I have street tires on, so traction sucked, so I wasn't going more than like 15 (just until I got used to the slipperiness, then I bumped it up to like 20, but that was AFTER the accident). Coming up on the interesection (there are traffic lights at the intersection). There we a car straight ahead and one coming up from the right side stopping. The light turns green as I near the intersection, and the stupid lady (sorry, no offense here ladies, lol) starts to turn in front of me. I didn't have the traction or time to stop by the time I figured out she was going, so I T-bone her ass, and YELLED "FUCK!!!!". I was pissed.

Here's the weird part. As I bounce of her stupid little Neon (piece of crap, really didn't matter if I screwed that up, it's a cheapo car), I put it in reverse, and as soon as I start to back up, I see a cop flip on his lights. That freaked me out. All I could think was "that was quick...", lmao.

Now, I could care less about the damage to HER vehicle, but she screwed up my gorgeous (although it needed a little work to make it look AWESOME again body/paint wise) '93 3000GT VR4. You know, the high powered sports car that was THE car to own when they came out. Screwed the front end ALL up. The front end has to be realigned (not tire alignment; fender, bumper, and hood alignment). The reason this pissed me off to no end, I'm making something for these cars that requires that I have a front end that ain't all fucked up.

To top that all off, the cop tells me I can get a copy of the accident report on Monday. I'm thinking, "ok, I don't need to get her information, it will all be on the report, and I can get that monday, and call the insurance company to file my claim...". Did it work that way? HELL no... Cop took his SWEET ass time turning that thing in. Finally got the accident report on tuesday the 20th, and today (22nd) I finally got to file my claim. I'm hoping I can get my car fixed soon. I hate driving such a nice car around that looks messed up like it is now .

Ok, got that all off my chest, lol. Look for new installments of "his/her fantasies" coming soon. I'm going to get on her ass (no, she's not really into that, so not sexually , lol) to write her first one, and I'll be writing my second one here soon too.

You all have a fun holiday week, and do yourself a favor. Get drunk and have fun with friends (just stay at home when you do it) lol


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