Oh my God he is humongous !!!  

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3/9/2006 9:41 am

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Oh my God he is humongous !!!

My girlfriend at work has been hinting around for several months about how great her boyfriend is, and how big he is. We generally find a remote table at lunch time to talk privately during lunch. Our company has a very tight restrictions on sexual harassment, so we can only talk when we get time to get away for lunch. She has slowly opened up to me about her love life. Finally she came out and asked if I or we as a couple have every been with other people. Why I suddenly opened up to her I will never know, not like me to tell about our private life, but we had become close friends even with her being a lot younger than I am.
I told her yes. She asked if I was bi, I froze, not something you tell your co-worker in my position. I just sat there with my mouth open, not saying anything. I wanted to, because I had found her very attractive. I started to blush when she said , I'll take that as a yes.
She just about jumped out of her chair, she told me she had been fantasizing about being with me for a long time. I still was in shock, finally I was able to talk. We both smiled and knew that a connection had just been made. She asked me if I would like to come by her place after work to meet her boyfriend. With her telling me about being bi and also telling me how big her boyfriend was I guess I just could not say no.
I called my husband and told him I was going to stop after work and have drink with her, he said no problem, he was aware we had become friends.
I drove behind her to her apartment.
Why I was doing this I will never know. I was scared but excited all at the same time. As we walked to her apartment she told me what a surprise this was going to be for her boyfriend. She said she had been having fantasy talks with him about me, and he was interested in meeting.
As we entered he walked out. He must have just gotten out of the shower, he was standing there with his towel draped over his shoulder.
He froze right in front of us, buck naked !!
She said he was big but that was one hell of an understatement. He must have had 7+" just hanging.
(To be continued)

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Wow, reading stuff like this really makes one curious and want to hook up with you. I hope we have that chance some day.....

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