A Conspiracy Theory...fact of fiction?  

2BallsofFun 52M
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9/5/2005 9:17 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A Conspiracy Theory...fact of fiction?

Many are upset with GW throwing billions of dollars at Iraq and call it wasteful.

The billions of dollars that are and have been missing from the U.S. coffers have been going to supply a massive construction in Iraq. This costruction is so massive and so expensive that it's draining every other resource we have in this country.

So...what is this construction?

It is the construction of a massive underground civilization designed to protect over 1 million selected peoples of the Earth from the impact of a comet that is headed for Earth. Currently, they are working to destroy it or at least break it up into smaller pieces (hopefully smaller than cruise ships) before it reaches the Earth, thus reducing the devastation that it will bring. This devastation would end up being a bombardment of the entire face of the planet, but much less so in the Middle East...thus the location for this project and the war as a cover for it's construction.

You see, the Space Shuttle Columbia was never actually destroyed. It was actually sent on the mission to work on breaking the comet up. There was even a nucyuler explosive sent this summer as an experiment in comet destruction this summer. I'm not sure the results of that since they don't mention it any more on the astronomy websites....of course they say that it was not a nuclear experiment...that would leave much to explain that they don't want to.

Ever wonder why troops are not coming home from Iraq? Those who know too much cannot be trusted to come home for any lengthy period of time. They must be kept there to protect the secrecy of the project.

Wonder why reporters come back from Iraq with little or no new news? Wonder why so many reporters have died trying? The secrecy of this project is of too great of importance. If people of the world were to find out that our world was in danger of such destruction, how do you think people would respond. Widespread violence would erupt. Food hording would begin. People would cease from carrying on their daily jobs as they should. Think about it.

Be aware that this has been known for many years now and that anyone who knows anything has been bought off with an offer of safety for their families in exchange for their silence.

So then, you say, how can I reveal this and expect anything less? It's simple. I'm just some guy with a crackpot conspiracy theory. Who will actually believe me anyway?

Then again, if I become quiet about this, then perhaps I've been bought off with a few tickets on board this Ark for my silence.

Now...take a good look at all that's been going on around you in the world and tell me...do you think this is a ridiculous fabrication or does it all make some sense?...do you think this is closer to fact or fiction?

redmustang91 57M  
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9/5/2005 11:41 pm

The troops do come home from Iraq. The pictures of the Columbia exploding were seen over and over on TV and by many at the site. The Earth is quite big and the Middle East is the last place to build to preserve civilization. Easier to build construction in Alaska or Wyoming. An extremely implausible conspiracy theory.

2BallsofFun 52M

9/7/2005 3:53 am


Only a few troops come home, but nobody will talk much about Iraq that knows or has seen anything being done in the fields. Something did explode 3 years ago on re-entry...we have no way of knowing what it was, except to trust NASA. The Middle East is a great place to stage something of this nature in secret under the shroud of terrorism and war. Anything of that scale done anywhere in the U.S. would be in the papers on a daily basis. The Middle East may also be the least bombarded location on the planet, making it the best location to build and underground ark.

My bottom line, however, is that hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on and in Iraq under the guise of bringing peace. I would hate to believe that Bush is so stupid as to sink our country into the worst inflationary era our country has ever seen by trying to stamp out terrorism in Iraq while doing near to nothing here at home to protect us from it. I have to believe that there is much more than meets the eye here...something much greater than the tyranny of Hussein or terrorism.

This is what I see from the evidence at available to me.

And yet, you are correct that it is an extremely implausible theory. I'm grateful that you took the time to consider it.

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