Was I dreaming.......  

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1/12/2006 9:46 pm

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Was I dreaming.......

I was riding my steed hard as I came closer to the stream crossing. Just ahead, I saw a wisp of something white darting through the pines to the right. As I neared the last bend in the road before the stream, what ever it had been in the pines dashed into the road in front of me. Pulling back hard on the reins my horse skidded on the road, rearing high into the air. I turned him hard to the left to avoid trampling the mystery before us. My horse had applied all his might to come to a stop, and the sudden change of direction sent me pitching out of the saddle. I landed hard on the road.
I felt the wind leave my lungs when my body impacted with the ground. My head struck next and stars filled my eyes. I slowly rolled over onto my back sucking air hard back into my chest.
I tried to look for what had crossed my path. Through blurry eyes I saw a vision that nearly takes my breath away again. Standing at arms length away stood a beautiful woman. She was wrapped in flowing white dress that clung to her form like a thin wisp of smoke. Her red hair was bellowing out in the light breeze as she came closer. The sunlight behind her, filtering through her hair, gave the appearance of copper-red flames dancing around her face. She knelt down near my head and I could see her emerald green eyes shining down on me. Her lips were full and wet and her skin seemed to glow. She gently placed her hand on my cheek and placed the other under my head. She helped me raise my head and placed it in her lap. I tried to protest that I was Okay, but she only placed a finger on my lips and softly shushed me.
It was now for the first time that I noticed the sweet smell of her. It was like a cornucopia of fruit, almonds and spice. I looked up at her, and over her full firm breast, she smiled down on me.
I tried to rise again, but she only placed a hand on my chest and cupped my head with the other, and whispered "Rest". My vision darkened as I slipped over into blackness....

More to follow....

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1/13/2006 9:30 am

what wonderful words we write when our souls are allowed to emerge from their hiding places.....anyone in particular fine Sir...or just a dream that may come true?..Thank you for sharing....

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