Somtimes, U just don  

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Somtimes, U just don

The slow deep rhythm of a blues guitar wails out it's soulful song as he walks into the dark smokey bar, only to find it empty except for the bartender wiping down the bar. He shakes off the cold and orders a scotch, neat, and beer on the side. It seems like months since he has allowed himself the simple pleasure of no thought. He slams back the shot and chases it down with a sip of beer. He slowly turns, resting his elbows on the bar as he surveys his surroundings.
In the conner booth he can see a pair of lovely long legs sheathed in black hose stretched out on the seat. A tight grin crosses his face as he realizes that those legs were attached to someone sitting back in the dim light over the booth. Before he let his thoughts run off to a place where fantasy was not his reality, he turns back to the bar and drinks his beer. As he empties the last of his glass, he looks to the bartender and ask for an other.
"Sorry pal, you had your last call."
Before he could protest, a voice deep and dripping of honey rang out across the bar. "It's Okay Sam," "Set the gentleman up and you can call it a night."
Sam looked at him with a slight scow on his face and said "Yes Mame."
He set the scotch and beer in front of the stranger, dropped his bar towel on the bar and walked out the back door.
The stranger turns toward the booth and raising his glass "To better days, and warmer nights" and slams back the shot. "I would offer the lady a drink...But it appears the bar is closed"
She said "Thats alright, I know the owner."
Her stiletto heels swung out of sight as she slid to the edge of the booth. He could not help but notice, as she slid forward, the flash of bare skin where her stocking ended in a band of lace around her upper thigh. A red dress fell down covering her upper legs as she stood. She slowly stalked across the floor. As she came more into the light, the stranger became more appreciative. The full figure of this beauty almost took his breathe away. He could not tear his eyes away from the deep full cleavage of her bosom spilling out of the top of her strapless dress. Her red hair glisten in the dim light as it fell in soft curls around her face. She walked behind the bar and poured herself a scotch. She turned and leaned on her elbows onto the bar and said, "So, what is it, A broken heart or just a bad day."
The stranger smiled and said "Neither, morning a lose."
Her Emerald eyes suddenly became serious. "I'm sorry, someone close?"
The stranger laughed and said, "No, just time lost feeling sorry for myself."
"But thats over, and I'm moving on."
A warm smile spread across her face as she stood and kicked back her drink. She walked around the bar and stood beside the stranger. She looked deep into his eyes and asked, "Are ya in a hurry to start that trip, or do you have time for a dance?"
The stranger smiled and said, "I would be honored"
They turned toward the small dance floor and waked to the center. As they turned to face each other she wrapped her arms around his neck. He put his arms around her waist and pulled her close into him. They slowly began to sway to the music. Their bodies pressed tight to each other. They could feel the heat beginning to build as they felt their bodies grind against one another. She began to caress his neck and back. he began to let his hands roam over the small of her back and drop down to the smooth roundness of her ass. With a firm hand he kneaded her ass cheeks encouraged by her soft moans into his neck. She to let her hands drop on to his lower back and ass.
With their faces in each others necks, they began to kiss and nibble on the soft flesh below the ear. She brought her hands up and started to pull his shirt out of his pants and began to unbutton the front. He began to pull up the back of her dress so that he could put his bare hands on her firm ass.
Their lips locked together and they began to explore each others mouthes with their tongues. The tempo and heat raised as they continued to explore the others body with their hands and mouths.
He grabbed her and spun her around, pressing against him, he took her by her upper arms and guided her to the nearest table where his made her lean across the top. he slowly began to kiss the back of her neck, as he reached around and pull the top of her dress down, exposing her full breast. He began to pinch her nipples while he filled his hands with her tits. Pressing himself hard against her ass he began to kiss her down her back. Her moans became loader and her breathing deeper and faster.
Lifting her dress over her hips, he dropped down behind her and began to run his tongue down the crack of her ass and on to her swollen lips. Using both of his hands to part her ass he darted his tongue into the soft wet folds desperately searching for her hard swollen clit. She tried to raise herself up, but he only pushed her back down onto the table. He stood and putting his arms around her waist, turned her over onto her back on the table and put his head between her thighs. Cupping her ass in his hands, he returned to licking and sucking on her. Alternating between flicking his tongue on her clit and delving his tongue deep inside her as his hands roamed over her body. Her legs wrapped thigh around his neck as her body tensed and let out a sharp shriek and began to shake.
He rose up and was standing before her when she sat up and pulled him to her and kissed him deeply as she began to loosen his belt and pulls his pants down. She was in a frenzy as she slid off the table and dropped to her knees before him. She grabbed his hardness and kissed the head, running her tongue up and down its length. Then she wrapped her lips around his shaft and sucked him into her mouth. She looked up to see him with his mouth open, trying to draw in a breathe as she slid him in and out of her mouth, rolling her tongue around its girth each time.
It wasn't long before he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back up and laid her face down across the table again.
He pressed the head of his cock pass her wet lips and slowly went deeper until he had filled her completely. With one hand on her shoulder and the other caressing her back, he began to pump in and out of her in a slow, rhythmic pace. She reached across the table and gripped the edge of the table to steady herself and began to rock back and forth to meet his thrust. The pace quickened as did the moaning and gasping for air. She let out a long and loud "Omigod" as she tensed her body gripping the table tighter.
He slowed the pace of his strokes and prepared to pull out of her for another go from a different angle. She turned her head and looked at him over her shoulder. With a grin she reached between her legs and grabbed him and said "Not yet, I'm not done with you."
She then took his cock and pressed it against the tight rose bud of her ass and pushed back against his cock until the head slipped in side. Slowly he began to move back and forth, going deeper with each stroke. She looked back over her shoulder at him and through gritted teeth she said "Now, fuck my ass like you own it."
With that, he reached out and took a hand full of her hair and began to pound her as she sank her fingers into her hot box and rubbed her clit. She began to wail "YES, YES, OH YES."
He released her hair and grabbed both hips as her slammed in and out of her. She let out a load scream and began to shake. It was all that he could handle, and pulled out of her. His cock shot a hot load up her back and across her ass as his head rolled back and he let out his own loud moan. he nearly collapsed across her back as she laid there almost purring.
After a short time, pulling their clothes back on and into place, they giggled and laughed relishing the glow of the moment.
He asked her, "Will I see you again?"
She said, "Maybe"
Smiling he said, "I still owe you for the drinks."
Smiling back she said, "Don't worry, I told you before, I know the owner."
"Well then, my thanks to the owner"
Standing by the bar with her hair matted and mused, see turns and smiles at him and said,"I'll tell him, when he gets home."

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5/20/2006 6:29 am

Sounds as if you may have a "thing" for green-eyed red-heads darling........

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5/29/2006 8:10 am

Besides the fact that this piece was steamy and very seductive you are a talented writer.....

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6/1/2006 6:07 am

Great writing...very hot!

waldonwood 60F

7/22/2006 6:51 pm

Sensuous..... HOT!

rm_warmspot4760 56F
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8/21/2008 7:34 pm

wowwwwwwwwwwwwww good story

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