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A few moments on my own, maybe a little handwork? ah but who is this?? Ester, my treasured housegirl, well as she and I agreed when she started working with me, close the curtains and clothes off, both of us. Ester, well she is, yes, Akamba, 53 years old and what a body, firm fat thighs, beautiful stretch marked belly, and huge floppy breasts with nipples the size of saucers, and she shaves, clean kissable pussy lips, and the most suckable clit ever. There she is bending over setting the cushions on the chair, legs slightly part, thighs open and the most inviting pussy lips asking to be fingered and kissed, so be it. But Ester won't have any of it, she turns, smiles, sits on the chair throwing her legs over the arms, before me my lunch, beautiful black pussy, 'come on you know what you have to do' she says, and I kneel before her, tongue and fingers ready, and the smell, taste, texture of her pussy all woman, mmmmm, I lean forward and bury my face into her as she opens up for me, two fingers in seeking her pleasure spot, whilst I suck her lips and tease her clit, Ester's juices flow and I drink them, taking her clit between my lips, sucking licking, fingering, the minutes pass and am lost in the heaven of an older womans pouting, moist, scented pussy, think just spend and hour of two enjoying my lunch.

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