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12/27/2005 9:54 am

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ok guys when it comes to sex my imagination is a little out there(smiling) cause i think about sex ALL the time. I just wanted to know how nasty are u? if you had one night with me and you can do anything sexually to me describe ALL the nasty stuff you would do to me?


mailmantrouser2 54M
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12/27/2005 10:16 am

Too much to write down here; besides, it would just wet your panties and we can't have that here, can we now? What I will not do: pay for it (I don't charge for it either; have been offered both).
Why don't you tell us a little about your nasty adventures, or e-mail me about them.

sexywhiteboy07 46M

12/27/2005 10:41 am

I would like to have a couple drinks and get you to lose you inhibitions. Then I would lik to blinfold you and tie you up (standing up) spread eagle. I would tease you and lick and kiss your whole body at first. Then I would get rougher and more dominant, spanking you ass, fingering your wet pussy. Then I would secure you bent over, hands behind your baCK, and grab you by the back of your hair and fuck your pretty lips until my cock is just hard enough, and then go around back and fuck you doggy style until I make you cum a couple times. After I felt like I hit it that way enough, I might even fuck you tight little asshole if i feel like it. I would let you loose and spend the rest of the night doing whatever you wanted to do. Licking your pussy, titty fucking those gorgeous tits. Whatever you like

kool_iloveu2 34M

12/27/2005 11:04 am

ok guys when it comes to sex my imagination is a little out there(smiling) cause i think about sex ALL the time. I just wanted to know how nasty are u ? if you had one night with me and you can do anything sexually to me describe ALL the nasty stuff you would do to me?

screwmeovernout 59M

12/27/2005 11:43 am

How bout fuck your mouth nasty, shoot wads of cum on yer big boobs nasty, ram my dick in your pussy nasty, nastier and nastier we go, where we stop nobody knows...........Nasty

ChivasRegal 57M
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12/27/2005 5:23 pm

It wouldn't be any fun if I told ya. Only one way to find out..

Sorceror07 54M

12/27/2005 7:43 pm

nasty is as nasty does... i play it by ear as i go along, i get as nasty as i feel my partner can take it... then push it just a little bit more, just a little. i have to agree with chivas too... wouldn't be as much fun if you knew before hand... suprises are wonderful things

...That which does not kill me merely pisses me off!...

greeneyezwantsU 50M
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12/27/2005 7:57 pm

i'd blindfold u an use a feather to excite ur entire body

wb4all 70M

12/28/2005 1:05 am

wright me 4 more but lets just say I would not stop till I have licked and fucked your sweet littel ass hole to a cumplet frenzy

onehotnigga 39M

12/28/2005 2:25 pm

I would fuck you anywhere at any time. I would lick your pink pussy and ass hole while you suck my dick and balls. I would love to fuck you foggy to start off. To get your pussy real wet and then go back to licking and sucking on it with a ice cube in my mouth. Then have you spread eagle and fuck you hard. Then put my dick back in your mouth so that you can suck on it while finger fuck your pussy. Then lay you on your side fuck you nice and deep hard and slow. Make your body shake and cream. You know I got to hit it from back. To make sure you feel all of me as I long dick stroke you slow and fast. I know you like it that. After I'm done you will do nothing but sleep untill i wake you up by gentle sucking and licking on those sweet pink lips.

WildWilly747 69M

12/28/2005 8:11 pm

When I look at you, I'm speechless.

rm_TAZMAN9372 44M
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12/29/2005 3:00 am

id have to have you sit on my face so i could fuck your hot wet juicy pussy with my tongue til you cum allover my face

rm_cmreuben 43M
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12/30/2005 9:21 pm

Hey this isn't too nasty-sounding, but it will definitely do the trick. Oh yeah, I like to write in the past tense so it feels like we've already experienced it. See what you think...

Once we made it to the place we were staying, we rushed inside the door, shut it behind us, and dropped all our bags on the floor because we couldn't keep our hands off one another. We stood in the doorway kissing passionately for several minutes. Our kisses were very hot, and as we kissed our tongues gently flicked insides one another's mouths and the tips of our tongues rubbed gently against one another. As we kissed, I held your head gently in my hands, cupping your face as we kissed passionately from side to side. Then my hands moved around to the back of your hair, slowly stroking your head and caressing you neck. From there, my hands went down your neck and onto your back. I rubbed your back gently as we continued kissing. My hands then moved gently down your back and sides, slowly sliding down further until I reached your luscious ass. It was so firm and round in my hands, so I squeezed your cheeks and rubbed my finger along the crack until I got deep enough to feel the hot wetness from outside your panties under your skirt. When I did that, you let out a little moan and closed you eyes for a moment. As you did this, I began kissing your neck while my hands continued to slowly massage your crack. This whole time we had been standing, but we slowly made our way over to my couch and sat down.

We continued to kiss deeply now, with our tongues and lips tangled with each other as we kissed ever harder. As I sucked on your lips and moved down to your neck, you tilted your head back and closed your eyes. I gently licked your neck and flicked my tongue in circles around the base of your jawline, while stroking your hair and head with my hands. With my other hand, I gently reached down and unbuttoned your blouse. When I got a few buttons open, my hand moved slowly inside and cupped your heaving breasts. They felt so firm and warm in my hands, and as I squeezed them gently, you let out a soft little sigh. As I did that, you reached down and undid the other buttons on your blouse, while I reached around and undid your bra.
As you took off your blouse, I began to slowly kiss down your neck onto your chest, kissing and licking in slow, soft cirlces. Soon my lips reached your left breast, and as I squeezed it with my hand gently, I lightly licked down to your nipple. My tongue made tiny circles around your nipple and as I did that, your nipple became very erect, sticking staright out. At that moment, I gently took it between my lips and sucked it ever so gently. Then I gave it a tender nibble, which caused you to moan even louder and breath harder.
I looked back up and our eyes met, and we stared longingly at one another.Still staring at one another, I leaned forward and began kissing you again, and as I did, your hand moved
down to my leg and began rubbing slowly up towards my waistline. As we kissed more intensly, your hand reached my crotch and you gave a little squeeze on the bulge in my pants. That got my heart beating fast and when you began stroking gently along the
solid hardness in my pants, I could feel drips of precum oozing from my cock.

At this moment, I couldn't take it any longer, so I picked you up from the couch in the middle of our kissing and carried
you to the bedroom.

I gently laid you on the bed, and nearly bust my load when I saw your ebony body laid out before me beautifully outlined by the soft light of the mon shining through the window. I quickly unbuttoned my shirt, and let it drop to the floor, standing in front of you as we gazed into one another's eyes. You glanced down at my chest,
and could see my tanned body outlined in the soft light. Then you glanced further down towards my pants, and asked, "When are you going to take those off?" That was all I needed, but before I could do anything, you pulled me over closer to the bed and took the buttons to my pants in your fingers. You looked up at me as you slowly undid my pants and pulled them down to my knees. Still looking up at my eyes, you could feel my hard cock come free from my pants and touch gently against your chest, as sprung free from my pants At that moment, your eyes moved downward from mine, while one of your hands reached around and rested firmly on the bottom of my
back and the top of my ass. Your other hand reached up and your fingers wrapped firmly around my hard shaft. I let out a soft sigh as your lips touched the head of my cock and your tongue licked softly over the top. Then your lips fully encirlced the head and slowly tightened, while your hand's grip grew firmer around my shaft. Slowly your lips moved over the head and down the shaft, while you began sucking ever so gently up and down.

I let my head fall backwards as I closed my eyes and felt the most
incredilce sensation of your mouth fully enveloping me. I gently caressed you hair with soft strokes, moving in rhythm with your soft strokes up and down my cock, which grew even harder and more solid in your mouth.

It felt so good, and I would have loved to just cum right in your mouth, but I wanted to be inside you no matter what, so I gently pushed you back onto the bed, and kneeled down between your legs. I pulled your skirt and panties gently down your legs and dropped them next to me on the floor. I moved slowly forward until my head was just above your belly. Softly I kissed your stomach and licked slowly down in circles towards your legs. I gently spread apart your legs and made my way to your soft pink slit, which was glistening in the light with your wetness. I continued licking inside your thighs, taking my tongue lightly up the sides of your legs and moving slowly inside. I reached up and found you head laid back gently on the bed, so my one hand gently massaged you breasts and rubbed across your stomach as I continued licking.
My tongue moved closer inside your thighs, and I reached the outside of your soft lips. I took my other hand and slowly parted your soft pink slit, which by now was swollen and moist. Then my tongue gently licked across your lips and up toward your clitoris. I gently licked slowly around your clit, not quite touching it, but close enough so you could feel the wetness of my tongue and the heat of my warm breath. You were breathing hard now, and I knew it was the right moment, so my tongue finally reached the small hood of
your clit, which I gently flicked with the tip of my tongue. At that moment, you let out a little cry, moaning as my tongue found the tiny head of your clit. I licked gently across it and around it, as my hand spread you lips furthur apart. Then I gently moved further down to your moist slit, which I licked up and down and side to side. My tongue tenderly slipped between your slit and moved slowly inside you just a bit, and you moaned even louder. I moved back up to the clit and began to suck it into my mouth, ever so gently with alternating rhythm, fast then slow. By now, you were so wet, that your juices were dribbiling down inside you thighs. My tongue darted back and forth from your slit to your clit and back again. I alternated bewteen licking and sucking, taking in the moist warmth
of your glistening pussy. By now your hands had grasped the back of my head and were pullimng at my hair and pushing me further between your legs, all the while your breathing became faster and faster.

When you could take it no longer, I quickly moved up between your legs with my body resting upon my arms and hands which were planted by the sides of your chest. I hovered over you for a moment and looked into your eyes, then leaned downward. With our lower bodies entwined together, the moment my lips reached yours, the head of my cock gently touched the outer walls of your pussy, just barely parting your slit enough to feel the hardness poking your moist opening, which was now parted like a flower. As we began to kiss and our tongues wrapped around one another, the head of my shaft gently slipped inside of your hot wetness. The moment it was fully inside you, both of us moaned loudly and began kissing harder. I slowly moved my mouth from your lips and began licking and kissing your neck
as my hard shaft began moving slowly inside and out of your dripping slit. I leaned forward as our hips moved in rhythm with every stroke: in and out, in and out, in and out. Now I leaned even farther forward, fully parting your legs with my hands, which raised your hips, and the area of my stomach just above my cock pressed firmly against your clit. You could feel the presure, but it was not hard, rather just firm enough to massage you clit as my cock slid in and out, in and out. I could feel your heartbeat inside your chest, and you could feel mine, too. At that moment we were one body, one soul joined in pure pleasure. You arched your back as I pushed deeply inside you, and our ryhthm began to get faster. Each time I penetrated you, your hips would press upwards, and you could feel my body pressed firmly against your clit rubbing in time with my strokes. Faster the rhythm began, and your legs were now wrapped around my back with your ankles locked together. I laid my head
into your neck and breathed in your wonderful smell as you passionately kissed my neck. As the rhythm increased faster and faster, in and out, in and out, I could feel myself building up to a climax and began to thrust even harder. You too could feel intense warmth down in your pussy, and your legs began to quiver and shake with pleasure. We both were now breathing hard, and we
could feel the sweat begin to drip off our bodies as we moved even quicker. I grabbed your hands and locked our fingers together spreading our arms up above our heads as the pleasure grew higher and higher. I took one hand down and slowly slid it down to your ass, sliding my finger up just below where my cock was pistoning in and out. I found your little asshole, which was already thickly covered in our juices, and I gently piushed it up your tight little hole. When I did this, I could feel you losing it, and as our hips grinded
together one last time and my cock was completely inside of you, I felt you begin to buck and spasm as your pussy was rocked with a violent orgasm. I took one final stroke inside you, and I heard you scream with pleasure as your orgasm pulsated through your wet pussy, making it clinch tightly around my cock in tight spasms. At the very same moment, I could feel myself cumming too, and my hard cock began to throb inside you as I shot load after load of my hot semen deep up inside your moist sugar walls. This lasted for what seemed like several minutes, until we had nothing left and we collapsed into one anothers arms, panting and out of breath. I could feel the warmth of your body against my chest and I gently leaned in and kissed your lips and gazed into your eyes. I laid there on top and still inside of you for several minutes, with both of us totally
spent and tired, but full of the most intense pleasure either one of us had ever felt.

Sound fun? Let me know, maybe we can chat. Maybe we can do more...
Cheers, Chris (AdultFriendFinder)

jesuit74 42M
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3/15/2006 11:44 am

I would give you anything you want for as long as you want... as hard or soft as you want... there is nothing I wouldn't do to bring you pleasure.. I would only have a good time if you were completely satisfied in every way your heart desired... If you are intrested in someone who is only interested in pleasing your every desire let me know.. I promise you won't be disappointed..

luckie2005 55M
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3/23/2006 5:08 pm

suck on your tities...Then what would you do?

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