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3/17/2005 6:49 am

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I've been seeing and talking to a guy named James for awhile. James is a diamond seller who resides and works in Manhattan, he's 31, tall, and sexy in every way. A couple nights ago we had date, we went shopping and had dinner together afterwards. During the course of dinner, James asked me if I would consider spending a weekend with him, 2 days of unbridal passion, I accepted. We planned our weekend together for next weekend March 18th-21st 2005. I'm going to surprise dear sweet James with a moonlight dinner on his balcony wearing a little black dress just barely covering my ass and black high heels. be continued..........

My weekend with James was wonderful, we spent 3 days in his apartment. From bedroom to bathroom to kitchen and everywhere else. We ate, then he "ate".James had a meal on the kitchen counter top, and table. We did a sexy 69 on the sofa in the living room while a mellow tune played in the background. We took a long hot steamy shower together. I sucked on James's tool as the water trickled down my back, after making him come, he proceeded to turn me around and laid me up against the wall and we did doggystyle for awhile, he came 2 more times. We dried off then I gave James a nice sensual massage relaxing every muscle in his body. I poured chocolate sauce all over his chest and licked it off. He got whip cream and topped off my caramel ice cream sundaes, he also made a whip cream trail ending at the honeypot. be continued...................

As James licked the whipped cream off my body, I could feel his tongue slowly tasting every inch. He made my body very warm, so he took a piece of ice and gently rubbed it all over me to cool me off, it worked like a charm. I was dripping wet and cool. Afterwards, we steamed each other up again and again.Use your imagination.

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3/17/2005 10:19 am

good luck babe have fun

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