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3/3/2005 7:16 am

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After a long work day, I need to unwind. My idea of unwinding is soaking 45 minutes to an hour in a luxurious lavender scented bubble bath with tealights all around. Then I lather my body with luscious strawberry scented lotion covering every inch, slip into a silk cami and start cooking. One day like any other day, I came home but, when I came this time I found that rose petals were scattered on my floor in a trail. I followed the rose trail which led me to the bathroom where there was a bubble bath drawn for me. So I feel the water which is still warm, I undress and step in. About ten minutes into my bubble bath, my baby comes in and surprises me with a gift. He gave me a heart shaped locket with our picture in it. He put it on me, undressed and joined me in the bath he drew. He started by sitting up on the other side of my jacuzzi, then I moved and sat down on his legs. I felt his dick in between my legs, it was so hard I could feel it pulsating, so I slid it in and started riding him till he came. Then, he asked if I could ride his face so I got up and crawled onto his head, my legs slightly bent, where I gently placed my treasures onto his tongue.As he was exploring my treasures I could feel multiple orgasms forming and 6 minutes later I told him he made me come 3 times. We finished our bath, came out soaking wet, and dined by candlelight. We ended our anniversary by spending 3 days in bed. Use your imagination.

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3/4/2005 9:35 am imagination is working overtime. thanks...R

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