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8/22/2006 8:27 pm

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Loyalty !

The most important word to me is loyalty. Not so much the literal definition in Websters (although I agree with that definition), but the more influential version that I have come to know (or not find anyone to know I should say). I believe loyalty should include this scenario: If I was lying naked, bleeding and weak in the middle of the street in a very non-politically correct way; would you still come to my aid? Would you say you were my friend? Could you announce that to people that matter to you? Would you be able to look past the uncomfortable situation and stand behind me regardless of the consequences? Could you do this knowing that I am at fault by for having put myself in this situation? That is how I am with my true friends. Every one of my "true" friends has taken advantage of my definition when it relates to them, but when it came to me? Well you can probably guess. I am the guy who will come to a friends aid without question, without judgement. Are there others out there who feel the same way? Or am I just a sucker who deserves to reel in my own ignorance? By the way, a friend is the person who will be Ok with you asking why they weren't there before you got into the middle of the street. J Let me know!

"You may think I'm a little off center, but if you really knew me you'd run~!"

Sir_Thomas_ 89M

9/8/2006 8:17 am

If you were lying naked in the middle of the street, I would laugh at you! LMAO. Then I would realize that you were bleeding and come to your aid. I would cover you in part of my clothing, tend to your wounds, and bring you to safety. Everyone would know where I stood at all times. Only a friend can laugh at you and help you at the same time. Of course, you would be the brunt of all my jokes for at least six months, but nonetheless.

rm_222when911 replies on 9/8/2006 11:06 am:
That reminds me of a party I went to one time! Ha! It's good to know you would help! I can definitely take a joke. J

juicy856 39M/34F

8/24/2006 11:41 pm

loyalty has a much much more sevier meaning to me. like would you still be loyal to a friend that was given the death penalty. would you be there for the last awkward moments no matter what that person did. would you be there cause you knew they were scared to die alone. would you still tell others that person was your friend? could you be like Susan sarandon in "dead man walking" and forgive them anyway?

if your partner went to prison would you stay true, would you write them everyday. or would you dump them cause they'll be gone for ten years?

would you support a person that went to war even if you didn't believe in the reason for the war?

would you avoid someone that was terminal cause it was uncomfortable or would you be there by their bedside even in their dieing hour?

this is what loyalty means to me, and i can truly say there are some that i would do all these things for no matter how painful it was. i don't expect the same in return, but it would be nice to know you have friends for you no matter the circumstance.

rm_222when911 replies on 8/25/2006 5:31 am:
I would like to believe you could expect the same in return, but people that feel strongly like us are definitely not the norm. I would say love (not necessarily sexual love) and loyalty go hand in hand. You really have to care about someone to "go to the mat" for them. Seeing someone you care about make poor decisions, knowing they are headed for a fall, and still being there for them is tough. Loyalty can come with a huge personal sacrifice. I was raised by a single mother who gave up a promising performance career to raise me when my father left. I was 6mos. old at the time. She became a music teacher, and she supported me completely through high school in every way. That was difficult for her. All of your points would test the character of person. Character, loyalty, love, humility, resolve, and compassion are very important to me. Thanks Juicy, J

partygirl3869 48F

8/24/2006 6:08 pm

J...I agree with you completely! A true friend will be there for you no matter what the situation. I have some great friends that I know are completely loyal to me. And, I have those that would never question my loyalty to them. I even made a friend like that on this site! I will miss seeing Shooter here, but glad that I met him before he decided to leave...otherwise, I would have missed meeting one of the most loyal friends I know. Just goes to show you that you can make friends anywhere you are.

And, if I saw you laying on the road, naked, bleeding...YES, I would stop to help!


P.S. I didn't make it to OH this week..Came to Texas instead...going to have lunch with Shooter Sat...I can't wait to see him again!

rm_222when911 replies on 8/25/2006 5:32 am:
Tell him I said,"Hey!" J Thanks PG

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