Drug and Disease Free Reprise  

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8/7/2006 4:22 pm

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Drug and Disease Free Reprise

Our friend Dagerazod has a piece on what D&D Free actually means. I have attached my response, because I was amuzed with the whole idea. Check out Dagerazod's Blog for some thought provoking pros. Agree or disagree, we find it interesting..

D&D Free- Finding the subject hard to believe? What about your inability to verify fact from fiction in the "must be very discreet" lifestyle of swing? Do you feel that the "D&D Free" label is right there with the "C[affeine]&S[ugar] Free" label delivered to us daily by your favorite pop bottling company? Doesn't it come down to trusting (or not) who put it in your can? It tastes about the same. How do you know who is "for real?" Really, the lack of limits on the politically correct catch phrases has got to be attached to some fit-into-the-main-stream Mental Disease from which apparently most are not free. That's like the people who are "almost" honest about being "height and weight proportionate." What exactly is the difference between A Little Extra Padding and Ample? Who is in the category that prefers drugged-out infected fat asses? What's next? Btw, I prefer my women wart and mole free.... [at least before the first five beers] J

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4/1/2008 5:42 pm

An email I got here once sent a link to some disease testing lab that sex workers use. It had his name, I think driver license number, and disease status.

That was pretty frakkin' hard core!

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