Rember when????  

1twizzted69 34M
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8/16/2006 5:09 pm
Rember when????

I used to have it all i thought. Girls, money, Invited to all the parties. Now i really do have it all, three beautiful kids that my whole world revolves around and I love it! But there is one thing i do miss from those days. All the damn sex. That was the best part. I mean no strings attached, wild freky circus sex. That was the best. Now i'm lucky to get to have sex with the light on. My girlfriend is great, but when we first got together, the longest she had had sex was 5 min seriosly! She has come a long way, it took me two years before i could even get a bj. But She is coming out of her shell! But in the mean time i have this ferocius appitite for sex that is used to having threesomes, at least twice a week back in my party days and is now reduced to once a week. I'm thru rambling hope i didn't waste your time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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