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teenage party

"You can't give me enough cock" she said. That's a tall order, especially at a party full of sex-craved teeenage guys. Of course Amy was talking to her boyfriend Dan, but when they went upstairs to screw, everybody else was pretty drunk too, so they didn't care if Kevin and I watched.

Amy pulled off her little party dress and kicked of her shoes, and before we knew it she was down to her underwear on the bed with Dan. The kissing and foreplay was really pretty short. They were both raring to go. After a few minutes Amy had Dan's cock out of his pants stroking it while Dan worked over her young perky breasts. Pretty soon she was on her back and they were both naked except for their socks and Dan's shirt. She spread her legs and Dan held her thighs with his hands as he eased himself in her shaved snatch. Dan went easy on her to start with, thrusting in and out not too deep and not to fast. She had her eyes shut but moaned and giggled. She really loved the sex and Dan was more than ready to give it to her. Of course Kevin and I were drooling just watching this action.

As Amy loosened up Dan drove her harder, slapping his balls against her skin with every thrust of his body. Amy was loving it, now holding on to his shoulders. He now took her in spurts, diving in twenty or thirty times before taking a moment's pause, leaving himself buried in her, building the tension in her body. She shivered and shrieked each time his marathon paused. He did this over and over for like ten minutes. Finally they rolled over and she got up on her hands and knees. Dan got behind her doggy style, grabbing her slim teenage hips in his hands he penetrated her from behind, easily sliding in for maximum depth, her ass pressing against his stomach with each stroke. Now he really fucked her like a machine--her tits swung back and forth underneath her heaving chest--she whipped her blonde hair back and forth through the air. Now he groaned and grunted, his muscles tightening. He wanted her so bad, wanted to give her all the cock she could handle.

But she could handle a lot. After several more minutes, she kind of collapesed down on the mattress and rolled back over for him. Assuming classic missionary style he went in for the finale. Their bodies moved in synchronous, He just barely held himself above her with his hands beside her on the bed. She grabbed his ass, her fingers pressing into his flesh with each pulse. He slowed his pace and then sped up quickly. He was losing control now. He let out a long loud gasp and suddenly stopped. His body quivered and Amy sqealed with delight as he shot his hot cum deep inside her. After a few more seconds he pulled out and flopped down beside her.

She lay there with her legs spread, a small trickle of cum oozing out of her. She was breathing hard and fast. She stared around the room. Her eyes locked on Kevin. "Come here" she said, staring him defiantly, daring him not to come. "Is that cool with you Dan?" Kevin asked, rising from his chair, already unclasping his belt. "Damn, go ahead man, I've done all I can and she still hasn't had enough!" Dan seemed frustrated but so spent he really couldn't think about it. In less than a minute Kevin had his pants off and was right on top of Amy again. His cock practically sprang out of his drawers as he yanked them off. His cock slid in so easily to her already wet and relaxed pussy. Kevin kept up the missionary style but spent some more attention sucking on her tits while he pounded her easily. He had been so turned on watching the previous action he was already close to the edge. Amy was loving the uninterupted pleasure, grabbing Kevin's ass just like she had Dan's. Kevin didn't last for more than five minutes before he orgasmed out, grunting and moaning as he fired off his load. Amy squeezed his body between her legs, staring him in the eyes as the semen shot into her. "That's right! Give me all your cum! Cum harder! Cum harder!" she demanded of him. He must have delivered a huge load; it took him like thirty seconds before he pulled out, then staggering back to his chair to catch his breath.

Her eyes locked on me next. Her legs relaxed. She stared at me but didn't say a word. Dan was out of it. Kevin could care less. My cock was so hard. I liberated it from my pants in seconds as I approached the bed. I crawled up to her and kissed her quickly, taking her tongue in my mouth, pressing our chests together before my cock slid inside her. Our bodies intertwined. Her cunt was so wet and loose, each of my thrusts caused a trickle to run out her pussy on the sheets. But I was determined to rock her world with an orgasm, not just dump my cum in her. I slid my body up, so I would rub her clit with every movement. I let the tip of my cock bob up and down near the front of her pussy. I kissed her lips and face. Her erect nipples pressed against my chest. I felt her body relax. "Oh my God" she whispered to me..."this is it...do it to me, this is what I want to feel!" she cried softly. I plunged into her harder and deeper now. She slid one hand between us, rubbing her clit herself as I pumped her harder and harder.

"Oh my God, oh my God!" she cried out. I felt her starting to cum and I kissed her on the mouth again, buring myself deep in her pussy. He body began to shake from her shoulders, rippling down her torso and legs; I felt her fantastic cunt shiver and tighten around my shaft. I paused momentarily, letting the waves of pleasure wash up and down her lithe, beautiful teenage body. I stared at her, smiling broadly, staring at me, her long blonde hair spread over a pillow, her soft hands carressing my back, her perky young tits pointing up at me, my throbbing hard cock sliding in and out of her perfectly shaved pussy. I wanted her so fucking bad it was all I could do not to lose control right then.

I kissed her harder as I fucked her harder. She kissed me back and rocked her hips up at me everytime I thrust down into her. She wanted me in return, wanted me inside her, wanted to feel me as bad as I wanted to feel her. I could barely contain myself, ramming into her, my cock was nearly numb, my balls now tight and aching. We kept fucking for what seemed like a half hour, each of us moaning out loud with our eyes locked, kissing each other with soft kisses. Finally I felt myself really losing it. I grabbed hold of her tits and lifted my chest off of hers. I thrust into her on overdrive, and she wailed, shaking again, cumming beneath me as I lost myself in her. The first hot surge of cum shot through my loins as I stopped rocking her. I left myself totally buried in her as the long streams of hot thick semen gushed out of me. I pulled out slightly, then let myself back in as each final shot rang out of me. She was panting hard and continued to stare at me. I lay on top of her, still buried in her. She kept hold of my ass, pressing my flesh against hers. She wouldn't let go. "All the cum in the world, every cock all night long, couldn't satisfy me until now." I stayed hard and deep inside her. We held eachother in our arms. I could feel her heart racing, her hot cunt gradually tightening around me. Neither of us would let go.

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