Two at a time?  

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Two at a time?

Two at a time? Here's how it might go...

When I came to pick Judy up for dinner she was at home talking to her galpal Stacey. I never really liked Stacey, but boy was she stacked. At least C cups to Judy's B cups any day. I had had my eyes on her chest for a while, but tried no to show it.

They were sitting on the couch, talking about basically nothing, but seemed to be in no hurry to go anywhere, so I sat down on the couch next to Judy and put my arm around her. Stacey looked a little awkward. I shot her a coy smile. "Hey, no flirting!" Judy objected, "He's mine!" she said and placed a hand over my crotch, giving it a little squeeze.

"I'm sorry, he's so cute, I just wish we could share him" lamented Stacey. "Not gonna happen" said Judy. I was trying to stay out of this. "Wait, aren't you two gals supposed to be friends?" I asked. "Well, yeah" they both said. "So let's just be a couple and if Cindy's around, too, well that's okay with me." This was my peace offering. "Deal" said Stacey. "Alright" Judy capitulated. I kissed Judy to make her feel better.

"I want to watch you two make-out." Stacey said. We ignored her, and continued to make out. We continued on, french kissing now, while Stacey watched, continuing to chatter. "There's something you don't know about me and Judy," she said. "We go way back to junior high. She was kind of jealous when are breasts started to develop. I do have a killer set right here," she said, unbuttoning her knit top. I undid Judy's top at the same time.

"When we were in high school we went on a double date with these two brothers. We thought they were hot at first, and we had decided if either one of us wanted to fuck them, then we both would together. But it didn't work out. They were kind of losers. Later that night, after they'd dropped us off at my parents, we were talking in my room...talking about how much fun we were gonna have fucking those fucking wet we both were that night. Well, one thing led to another, we took off our panties, showed eachother our pussies, and before we knew what we were eating each other out, shrieking and giggling. We worked eachother's clits for hours till we both came and came."

By this time Judy was leaning on top of me and I had both hands on her ass under her panties. Stacey reached and pulled Judy's skirt off and crawled into start licking Judy's throbbing pussy. Judy whispered in my ear "let her go ahead; I'll suck on you in the meantime."

So while Stacey was working up Judy I pulled off my pants and knelt in front of Judy. I put my hard cock up to her lips and she devoured it in her mouth, swirling her tongue around and around it. AFter a few minutes I pulled it out and held it toward my chest so she could lick my balls. Judy is a great ball licker.

Cindy noticed what we were doing and was like "No way, I want in on that!" So she crawled up next to Judy and started licking my balls, too! Both of them, like a couple of dogs, just licking and licking. It sent me into orbit. I almost lost it right there.

"Okay, girls, enough preludes. It's time for some pounding action here ladies." I picked up Judy and layed her down on the couch. As I mounted her missionary style Cindy unclasped her bra, releasing her jiggling white perky tits to hang freely in the air. As I began to pound into Judy I winked and nodded at Cindy, motioning her to come to me. She know just what I wanted. She stood up beside me and pushed her chest into my face.

I grabbed Judy's tits in my hands as I thrust and thrust deeper into her. I turned my head to the side and opened my mouth wide to engulf one of Cindy's fabulous titties. Two breasts in my hands and one in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around her nipple as I grabbed harder onto Judy's. I pushed myself as I deep as I could into Judy, pressing my balls up against her body.

Cindy leaned back and layed back on the floor and pulled her skirt off. I stared at her as I continued to fuck Judy, who was moaning loudly. Cindy began to finger herself as she watched Judy and I fuck. I felt myself about to cum.

"I'm gonna cum. I can't hold it!" I cried out. "Please cum in me! You have to cum in me! I want your cum, baby, please!" she begged me for my cum. I thrust faster and faster, slapping my balls against her as I reached climax, finally pounding down into her with one last hard stroke. "AAAAHHH!" I yelled out as the streams of hot cum shot through my dick. One after another after another, hot rivers of semen shooting up inside her. Then I felt her body quiver as she orgasmed with me. She clasped me with her legs and pulled me down to her chest with her arms as the final shots of sperm shot out of me. I felt her relax. She was speechless, motionless. I pulled out of her and she curled up on the couch, eyes shut, smiling, in ectasy.

Cindy was still on the floor, legs and arms spread wide, looking lustily at my hard dick standing straight out. "Come to me" she whispered. So I mounted her, still hard cock slipped easily into her already juicy pussy. I grabbed her ripe breasts in my hands, squezing them hard as I leaned over her to wrap my lips around them. As I thrust into Cindy her tits rocked back and forth. I had to start slowly, because I was so spent from fucking Judy. But my dick stayed hard, and after several minutes of slow penetration, I felt my energy pick back up so I started pounding harder. I felt her nipples harded and she started to moan and cry with each thrust.

I pounded her harder and harder, now enjoying the sight of her tits flapping backward and forward, her golden blonde hair spread over the floor, her creamy tanned legs spread wide for me. I pounded and pounded; her pussy became more wet and loose. It was so easy to slide into her. She was shallower than Judy though, I could easily thrust deep enough to mash my tip against her tender cervix. Every time I did she screamed! So I rammed her with fast short strokes followed by a long hard stab, forcing my tip against her cervix and leaving it there for several seconds as she screamed and arched her back, then I repeated the pattern over and over again.

"Oh my God, I want to cum in you too," I panted, thrusting and thrusting. She reached and grabbed my ass, pulling my down into her with each stroke.
"I want to feel your hot cum, too," She said, squeezing my ass harder. "Give me all the cum you've got. Fill me up with your juice!"

I pounded her harder and harder, mashing her ass into the carpet, slapping my sore balls against her blonde crotch. She spread her legs farther apart for me. I raised up on my hands, classic missionary style, and pounded her faster and faster like a machine. She screamed and yelled and tossed her head side to side, whipping her blonde hair through the air. I pulled out all the way, the air felt cool against my cock. I saw her gaping pink pussy beneath me. Confused, she tilted her head up and looked intently at me.

Then I pounded down for the last time, ramming myself hard into her. Her legs shot up in the air. She screamed and flailed her arms. My tip pushed hard against her cervix as the first hot flowing stream shot out of me. She screamed all the louder. It felt like a volvano erupting inside of her. Hot blast after hot blast surged against her cervix, deep inside her. I pulled back slightly, then thrust in again as more hot blasts shot out of me. I felt my cum surrounding my cock as more and more flowed out of me splashing and bathing her cervix like a raging river. To her it felt like a water hose buried in her at high pressure.

I pulled out and then rammed into her one last time, I glided into a sea of my own milky white cum and released the last several shots inside her. Her knees were up in the air, her legs bent. She was crying and shaking. I thrust in and out of her several more times, the hot cum covering my whole shaft, a thick white stream flowing out of her gaping pussy onto the floor. Finally I stopped pentetrating and knelt beside her, she tilted her head toward me, tears in her eyes, but smiling. She rubbed in her pussy with her right hand, smearing the cum over her crotch and up her stomach. She turned toward me and took my wet dripping cock in her other hand. She squeezed my balls in her hand, and took my cock in her mouth, licking the semen off it till it was clean. When she stopped she began to relax and just lay on the fllor. I groped and kissed her breasts for several more minutes, enjoying her soft skin, her hard nipples, her bouncy curved tits inside my mouth.

Finally Cindy and Judy were both asleep, Judy on the couch and Cindy on the floor, their two young wet pussies glistening in the lamp light. I decided it was time to go.

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