So tight!!!  

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10/27/2005 10:52 pm

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So tight!!!

When I came home she was stretched out on the bed. Naked. Asleep--under a single sheet. It was cool in the house...cold outside and the thermostat was set low. I undressed quietly so as not to awake her. I eased the sheet back and slipped gently into the bed. I took her in my arms and wrapped my arms around her bare back. As I kissed her neck and cheeks she finally awoke, groggily staring into my eyes, and smiling.

I felt her body start to come alive as she caressed my back with her hands. It didn't take me long to become hard. "Take me" she whispered in my ear "I've been waiting for you". I took her tongue between my lips and slid my hand down between her legs. She felt tight under my fingers. "You need more time?" I asked tenderly. "No, damn, take me when I'm tight!" she moaned, spreading her legs for me.

I rolled on top of her, my chest pressing against her full breasts, my hard cock hanging down. I pressed my tip against her slit, then let more of my weight down. She squealed and her eyes got wide as I finally entered her tight pussy. It was like popping her cherry for the first time. She was hot inside but not wet. I let all my weight down, buring myself in her, but still only penetrated her with about half my shaft.

I thought I would kiss her awhile to let her loosen up some, but to my surprise she slid her hands down my back and squeezed my ass in her hands, and pulled me down fully inside her. She clamped my legs between hers, squealed again, arched her back, pressing her chest harder against mine. She was so loving it.

I began to rock up and down slowly, but her clamp around me was so tight, our bodies simply bobbed up down together on the bed. I eased myself forward slightly, to get her clit rubbing against the base of my shaft. We continued rocking back and forth. She began to moan, at first softly then getting louder. I could tell she was really getting off. Her legs relaxed momentarily and then snapped back against mine. Now she was rocking harder up against me than me on her. I let her take control and rock us faster and faster. Her legs quivered. I stared her in the eyes and stroked her hair. She held onto my ass like a panic bar.

She was loose and wet now, but I stayed buried in her, grinding on her clit. I felt her about to reach climax--she was panting, her legs quivered, small tears in her eyes. Suddenly she thrust up at me violently as screamed. I felt her pussy shake around my shaft and she squirted all over me. I slid out halfway then rammed hard back into her and she quirted again, still gripping my ass.

Her chest was heaving; breathlessly she stared up at me with longing eyes. Her grip loosened on me as her body relaxed slightly. I started thrusting full force, sliding in and out easily in her now engorged and wet pussy. I raise myself up on my hands and watch as her tits rock back and forth as I plunge in and out of her, burying her ass in the matress. I'm hot now and my balls are loose, slapping against her skin with every thrust. Her hands rub up and down my back enjoying me.

I reach down to grip her luscious breasts, then pick her up in my arms so she is now sitting on my lap. She bobs up and down on my shaft as her nipples race up and down my chest. We grind slowly and kiss at the same time. After a few minutes, I lean back and let her ride me.

She works her clit against me again. This time I grab her ass with both hands, pressing her flesh against mine. She grinds faster and faster. She tilts her head back and arches her back. Her long blonde hair, flips through the air and she cries out and then shreaks. Her body convulses in another incredible orgasm. Now I really fuck her hard.

I want to cum while she's cumming. It doesn't take long for me to climax, our bodies slapping together, then shaking together in ecstasy. I ram deep inside her as the first blast of semen gushes out of me. I continue thrusting to keep her over the edge as blast after hot blast ripples through my dick, spashing around in her cunt and coating my shaft as I continue to drill her pussy. We clutch eachother in our arms and entwine our legs, my cock still buried in her but now spent. We kiss madly and passionately, rolling over and back again on the bed until finally we lie still.

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