Morning fantasy  

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8/31/2005 3:25 pm

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Morning fantasy

Someday I want to wake up to precisely this:

I woke up and felt something strange. Normally when I awake my balls are really loose, and my dick is pretty long but not hard. Now my girlfriend can be more horny in the morning that at night, so it's not unusual to awake to feeling her stroking my cock. I open my eyes and look down to see her head over my crotch. She has one of my loose balls in her mouth, sucking on it...I feel my shaft getting longer and harder. She now has both my balls in her mouth, scratching my shaved sack with her teeth. I reach down and pull my fingers through her long blonde hair. She lets my testicles drop one by one out of mouth, dripping wet, coated with her saliva. She begins licking up from the base of my shaft up my balls. I grab her hair and tug gently. She wraps her lips around my shaft, deepthroating me, then slurping up until only my throbbing tip is in between her lips. She swirls her tongue around it, lapping up any precum I manage to produce.

All the sudden, she stops, leaving my cock standing straight up. She raises herself up on her knees and pulls her thin nightgown off her shoulders and casts off the bed. She crawls up toward me, smiling devilishly. Suddenly I grab her sides, right below her hanging tits, and flop her over on her back. She giggles and smiles and immediately spreads her legs for me. I climb over her and give her a long wide french kiss as I grab her crotch and ease three fingers into her wet pussy. Her body writhes against the sheets; she rubs her hands up and down my back. I raise myself up classic missionary style and ease myself into her. She is wet but tight and instantly begins moaning as I thrust into her. "Damn it, fuck me!" I pound her pussy deep and hard, pushing her ass into the mattress with each powerful stroke. Suddenly she raises herself up, keeping herself locked against me, keeping me deep inside. I feel her cumming hard, she bends her knees and her legs shiver, she screams and her pussy clenches around my shaft. She screams three more times, convulsing on the bed, out of this world in her breathtaking orgasm. I begin thrusting again as her climax fades. I squeeze her soft A cup tits, pounding her until my shaft litteraly aches. Maybe a slow down a little because she grabs my arms, my hands still clenched around her tits, she looks me straight in the eyes. "Keep going, keep going, keep going...I'm going to cum again...keep FUCKING me!" she yells as I pound her faster than ever, in overdrive I drill her pussy, slapping my balls against her shaven crotch.

I thrust into her and in one quick motion I spin her around, my cock rotating inside her pussy as I put her on her stomach, ass raised slightly in the air, I pound her almost from behind, raised up on my knees. She grabs the bed posts of the headboard and moans louder. I reach around her waist and rub her clit for her as I continue to bury my cock in her. I feel her body begin to shake again, a quick wet burst hits my hand as I pull out momentarily, only to dive into her again. I keep myself in, her body shaking, she laughs and cries. My balls feel like they are about to burst. I am so ready to cum inside her but want to stretch it out longer.

I pull out and ease her over on her back again. "I have so much cum to pump in you" I whisper. "Put it in me!" she cries, eyes shut, breath heaving. I let my dick rub against her lips, rub it around her nipples, and drag it down her stomach before sliding over her clit and finally back into her. She's practically hyperventilating. I push her legs apart with mine; I lay down flat on top of her, her tits bulging, pressing against my chest. I french kiss her, wrapping our tongues together entwined as I slowly thrust into her. Our bodies melt together. She is so wet; I am so hard. I thrust faster and faster, loosing control, her legs quiver and shake. We both can hardly breath. I fuck so her hard I'm like a machine. Suddenly the first blast of cum shoots out of me. I seize her tongue with my mouth. As the semen gushes into her, both our bodies quake in orgasm. I thrust in and out gently as wave after wave of hot cum pump into her. It coats my dick and dribbles out her ravaged cunt. I plunge in one last time, our mouths still locked together, I reach under her back and hug her tight against me. We lick each others teeth and kiss each other's faces. I kiss the faint tears from her eyes, she kisses my morning stubble. We promise eachother to fuck the same way tonight.

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