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10/31/2005 12:12 pm

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Hotel maid

I came back to the hotel room right after lunch, and wouldn't you know it, the maid service was still in there. That's so awkward, some 50 year old woman in there stuffing your sheets and towels into some grocery cart size hopper they wheel from room to room. I'm sure I was grimacing as I walked in, just thinking about.

The bed was half made, and the cart was sitting there, but I didn't see the lady in there. I figured she had stepped out a minute, and I just needed to shave again, so I stepped into the bathroom. Wouldn't you know it, she was in there! Not using the bathroom, thankfully, but checking her hair. As a matter of fact, she was no 50 year old. She looked like a high school dropout. Hispanic, with long dark hair and eyes and a cute slim figure.

"I'm sorry" I blurted out as I saw her. She was startled, but smiled and muttered something in spanish (I don't speak spanish) and hurried back out to the room to do whatever. I took off my tie and loosened my collar to shave again, when I heard her saying something in the room, like she was trying to get my attention. I was just finishing so I wiped the excess shaving cream off my face and poked my head out the door to see what she needed.

She was straightening the sheets on the bed, kneeling on the mattress, and arranging the pillows. "Yes?" I said. "Oh, ah, this okay" she asked, looking back at me coyly. As she leaned over her shortish skirt raised up enough for me to get a glimpse of her white underwear. "Oh yes, I mean, Si, yeah, very good" I stumbled over my words. "Here, let me help you with the pillows" I offered as I silently shut the hotel room door.

I climbed up on the bed beside her, fluffing up the pillows on the right side of the king size bed as she did the same on the right. After a minute that was all done, and to my surprise she then flopped down on her back. "Ah, siesta time!" she said smiling at me. Taking the bait again I laid down beside her. She rolled on her side and touched my face. I stared into her dark eyes. "I like," she said, "you like?" "Si" I said, now carressing her face and neck. She unbuttoned her blouse and I helped her slip it off. I wrapped one leg around hers and pulled her close, running my hands up and down her naked back. We kissed gently and then more passionately. She definitely wanted me.

After a few minutes my shirt was off on the floor too. She then rolled on top of me and unclasped her own bra, casting it off on the bed. Her young soft breasts teased me, hanging in front of me. She slipped down my legs and unzipped my pants, pulling them off my legs. She reached through the opening in my boxers and pulled out my rapidly hardening cock. Before I knew it she had wrapped her mouth around it, her long dark hair spread over my stomach so that I couldn't see exactly what she was doing--only feel it. She licked up and down my shaft and then took each of my balls between her lips. I ran my fingers through the end of her dark silky hair as she continued to devour me. She must have really enjoyed it, alternating between licking the shaft, kissing the tip, and working over my balls. I moaned with pleasure. This went on for what seemed like an hour.

Finally she left my throbbing saliva covered cock standing straight up as she crawled up next to me. I pulled her on top of me and tugged her skirt down her legs. I grabbed her backside pressing her pantie covered crotch down against mine as I kissed her mouth, neck, and finally her perky young breasts. After a few minutes off this enjoyment, I rolled her over on her back and tugged her panties off leaving her young body naked and expecting. I wanted to bury my cock in her pussy so bad I couldn't stand it. She raised her back and head up, propping herself up on her elbows as she spread her legs for me. Gently I inserted my tip between her bulging labia then let my weight down ramming into her all the way. She flopped down flat on her back and moaned loudly. I was so hot I couldn't help but thrust into her hard and fast, my balls slapping her skin with every stroke. I reached down and grabbed her breasts in my hands, squeezing her tits together, as I fucked her like a machine. She grabbed my shoulders and squealed with every stroke into her. She was so hot and wet. She was such a dream, her body so sexy, her skin so soft. I was in ecstasy, drilling her pussy, her tits in my hands, her whole body writhing, and now shaking as she reached orgasm. She clutched my shoulders and then pulled my body down flat against hers. She let out a muffled scream, her legs shook violoently as she came beneath me. I stopped pounding momentarily, leaving myself buried in her as the orgasm rocked through her body. Her pussy tightened around me . She slid her hands down my back and grabbed my ass, holding me firm against her and in her. We french kissed, wrapping our tongues together. I felt her squeeze my legs between hers, clamping me even harder. I started rocking forward and back, rather than up and down, rubbing her clit against me. It didn't take long for her to come again.

Shifting my weight, I rolled us over, still intwined together, now she on top. She continued to rub herself against me, keeping herself in a state of ecstasy, prolonging her long orgasm, until it finally subsided. She lifted herself off of my aching cock. She took a corner of the bedsheet and wiped her juices off my cock before taking it back between her lips. She had had her satsifaction, now she wanted to satisfy me. It wouldn't take much; I was so close to the edge. She slirped me like a lollypop. She must have felt I was about to come. She wrapped one hand around the base of my shaft, and squeezed my balls in her other hand. She kept the tip in her mouth, the end of my shaft between her lips, she flicked her tongue over the tip of my cock in anticipation. I couldn't hold it any longer. She squeezed my shaft harder and I felt my tip enlarge as the first shot of cum blasted out of my dick directly into her mouth. She swallowed it. Another long hot blast fired out of me and she swallowed twice to get all of it. She lifted her head off my cock but left her mouth open. I watched as the next six shots of cum flew through the air and into her mouth. She swirled the milky white fluid around her mouth and licked her lips with it. When I was finally spent she lowered her head back on me, taking my cock back in her mouth and slathering it with the cum now in her mouth, finally leaving it wet and throbbing, lying to the side.

She climbed off the bedand stood, looking at me. She tilted her head back and aranged her hair. Her nipples were still erect, her pussy still red. She licked her lips and smiled at me.

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