Other "dating" sites  

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7/9/2006 12:13 am

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Other "dating" sites

I am on other sites along with this one. It amazes me sometimes how many people are on these other sites as well as this one and the profiles are so different. I have to admit mine is too but other places u cant put a pic up of ur ass or other asst. body parts so of course we dont come out and say that we want sex and thats it. But i say that to say this, when i see them on these other sites and they are saying they are looking for the "one" or that they are looking to get serious, which profile shall we believe???? I know for one thing im gonna stay on AdultFriendFinder and not the other ones, hell i cant get anyone to even talk to me on the other sites and this one i get 20 or more emails a day. I find this one way more honest least we know what we are looking for and if it gets serious then so be it but at least we arent going into it under false pretenses. Just more ramblings of a bored mind Darlin

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7/10/2006 6:34 pm


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9/14/2006 5:29 pm

I've seen a number of the same PIX on other sites, but I have figured out that someone exactly 12 miles from me creates about 10 new fake profiles a week. I'm really not sure what there motivation for this is, it is really annoying because it is sooo easy to tell the fake accounts. They all look like porn stars, or aspiring porn stars. It has been my experience that the same pix are used for fake profiles on other sites as well. VERY ANNOYING!... Wish AdultFriendFinder would put an end to it, possibly with some sort of all back validation? Just a thought..


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